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ABAP - Create Webservice With One Parameter To Receive Xml And Return One Parameter With Xml

( Only send proposal if you are ABAP Consultant )Hi experts,I am looking for a ABAP Developer to create aWebservice to receive a unique parameter, in this paramerer i need to receive a xml, for example:''10001100'250000.00'then later i need to read the nodes of the xml.( The xml has many tags ).Later, I need to return a uniqueparameter too, it will be a xml too. Innitialy we can test with a xml with a simple data. The most important is…
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ABAP - Publish WebService To Receive One Parameter Xml Structure And Return One Paremeter

Hi everybody,I need to develop a Webservice to receive one parameter, it will be a xml structure, then later i need to read the nodes of the xml. Then, I need to return one parameter too, it will be a xml structure too.I am looking for a ABAP with experience in this item, because I need the solution. I need a responsable person.Send me your proposal with your rate by hourif you are interested and you have experience about itThanks…
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ABAP Requirements Support

Hi! I'm looking for ABAP Consultant to help me with specific requirements. Im a independent consultant and i need help with development that my client assign to me. ONLY APPY IF YOU HAVE AT LEAST 2 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE.I need the best possible rate to work in requirements. they can be reports, and custom z programs. Because actually Im full of work, then Im needing hands to finish. To meIt is important to know the work hour value. Please send…
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We require an SAP Expert consultant for IDOC WBBDLD, Retail related and SAP POS, we need to clarify some specific questions about the functionality.The idea is to have the steps to add fields to the IDoc and the indications to trigger the IDoc through certain fields such like info record, prices and material status
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SAP ABAP Debugging And Document The Logic For A Standard Program

Debug an SAP ABAP program and document the logicPrerequisite - ABAP debugging and understanding of the followingConversions between HEX - ASCII- TEXTUnicode / UTF-8Big Endian and Little EndianEncoding/DecodingSystem access and program name will be provided for selected candidate.
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