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Assessment Writer For High School Online Robotics Courses

eDynamic Learning is searching for experienced assessment writers to create formative and summative assessments for Robotics courses delivered online to high school students. The company produces online courses in a variety of non-core curriculum subjects with a current focus on career-type electives in business, health science, information technology, and sciences. Ideal Candidate Qualifications • Skilled at developing engaging, relevant assessments, especially multiple-choice questions, that address a variety of Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels/higher level Bloom’s Taxonomy (apply, analyze, evaluate, create).…
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Design A Logo With Tag Line And I Also Need A Business Card

I want a logo and business card to be designed for my company "Skill swarm Innovations Pvt Ltd". The company is both product and service based. Currently we are planning for 2 products based out of recruitment and robotics (These products will have separate logos). our services include mobile and web development and HR Consulting. The logo should be classic and innovative with an amazing punch/tag line. We as a company have Google's principles as our vision and respect and…
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Report Writer In Scientific And Technical Areas

We are seeking those with a PHD or otherwise good background in STEM subjects in medicine, engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, environmental science, materials and other areas to write reports on technology developments in these areas. We provide links to most research materials. You must be good at understanding and organizing complex information in a scientific field and be able to summarize developments about technology development, sponsored research, licensing and patents. Steady work for those with the right background. Bid on…
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ROBOTICS Help Needed

The report should be in theIEEE journal format. The templates, including word and latex formatsThe zipped file should containthree folders: “Source”, “Video” and “Report”.The “Video” folder should contain a short video showing the robot moving around to pick and place the object. The “Report” folder can contain the reports (named according to your Student ID, e.g.: 123456.pdf).
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Uipath - Image Resizer

Using Uipath, the workflow has to do the following:1. Take a image file from a source folder2. open the image file in ms paint3. resize the image file with user defined height and width4. save it in destination folder5. and lopps untill all image files are resized in source folder
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