Research paper on organization communication

Task/Problem Description:



The content of a course is always compromised by time and space constraints. As students/investigators you should have the opportunity to further explore related topics and practices than the course schedule and focus allow. This project therefore requires you to do some independent research on organizational communication.


I.Write a five to ten page paper (typed/word-processed, double-spaced) in which you exercise one of the following options:

(A brief, informal oral report will accompany your submission of the paper.)

A. Conduct one of three kinds of research, or a hybrid/combination.

1.Field study, following the authors’ guidelines in the text appendix,


2.Qualitative case study, examining an event/situation ([url removed, login to view] ),


3.Secondary research on a topic of your choosing, reviewing what others have said about organizational communication, based on their or others’ primary research.

B. Address the following requirements:

1.In or near your introduction, explain why (or how) you took the approach that you did. Why this context? Why these sources? Why not others? Why did you choose a relatively narrow (or broad) approach? Your research does not necessarily need to be comprehensive or exceptionally “scholarly,” but your approach should be intentional.

2.explore a topic related to organizational communication. Ideas for topics include: contexts for communication, such as superior/subordinate relations or meetings; issues such as power, ethics or controversies; OR aspects, such as nonverbal communication, “difficult people,” giving and receiving feedback, culture, and so on. A great place to begin a search is with your text’s index, or in conversation with me.

3.minimally include: (a) an accurate, organized and appropriately thorough summary of the ideas evidenced in your research; (b) your critical response to the ideas (identifying strengths and limitations according to criteria such as the quality of thought, “interestedness” of the sources, quality of research, practical application, and so on. Your critical thesis should be clear (e.g., “Overall, I’d give it a “7”). the extent that your search and coverage of the theory-research findings are not thorough, explain why, and explain how you chose to focus your scope.

5.formally introduce and conclude the paper, providing appropriate transitions.

6.exercise honor. Be honest with yourself and with me about the originality of your work for this project. Don’t simply use one WWW search engine, and don’t combine this project with other current or former projects without coordinating with me first. You must address your topic with me before proceeding.

7.Be sure to at some point address implications for communication at some point in your paper. You might weave practical applications throughout your paper, or feature a “practical applications/implications” section at some point.

Tags: Communications, Report Writing
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