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1500pcs Product Quality Inspection For One Day In India Huda

1500pcs Product Quality Inspection for One dayQC Standard Throw Blanket 900pcs1. No more than 5 pcs of thread ends of each throw blanket.2.No color devition about the same type of production.3.Size Deviation: 2cm4.Flaw: wrong pattern, bleed, partial bottom leakage, poor embossing,drop stitch5.No dirty spotNO more than 7 flaws above, or it is unqualitiedPillow Cover 600pcs1. No more than 3 pcs of thread ends of each throw blanket.2.No color devition about the same type of production.3.Size Deviation: 2cm4.Flaw: wrong pattern, bleed,…
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+27780171131 SSD Solution Chemical, Activation Powder Super Automatic Solution,

UK >>HIGH QUALITY SSD SOLUTION CHEMICAL TO CLEAN BLACK DOLLAR +27780171131 IN SOUTH AFRICA. Super automatic Ssd Solution Call On +27780171131 SSD SUPER CHEMICAL SOLUTION FOR CLEANING BLACK MONEY IN ASIA -USA UK -UAE-SOUTH AFRICA-GHANA-NAMIBIA-ZIMBABWE-ANGOLA-ZAMBIA-BOTSWANA-MOZAMBIQUE-KENYA-TANZANIA-LESOTHO+27780171131 SSD Solution chemical, activation powder super automatic Solution, anti-breeze bank notes, black marked currency, black coated notes, cleaning Black money.NOTES ,also clean all kind of Gold WE WORK ON COMMISSION We provide chemicals for anti-breeze bank notes currencies such as USA Dollar, Euro, Pound, and…
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Amazon Data Capturer

My partner and I have started an Amazon FBA business. We are seeking a hard-working, punctual individual who can assist us with competitor data capturing and product sourcing. Amazon FBA experience is essential. If you think you fit the above criteria, we are interested to chat. Please note that our budget is between $3-$5 per hour.
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Amazon Product Sourcing + Customer Service Ecommerce Virtual Assistant

About Us - We are a growing e-commerce business selling physical products online. We value honesty and integrity in all areas of the business, as well as attention to detail. We believe that is what has helped us to have significant growth in the past, and we are looking for a dedicated individual to join the team with these traits. This job is great for someone who likes to learn, takes initiative and prefers a variety of tasks in a…
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Business Development 6 Months

A European-based Project Management company is looking for a candidate for the position of Project Coordinator (Freelance job for 6 months). If you feel that you might fit for the position, please send your CV.Skills:-Fluent in Mandarin and English-Creative, Flexible thinker-Excellent communication and presentation skills, Highly motivated-Sales experience would be an advantage-Trading experience with international customers at least 2-3 years.-The candidate must be living in India-The candidate must have experience travelling outside of India-Able to negotiate with suppliers and visit…
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Development Of A E-commerce Website And On IOS App For The Website

Web application with back-end admin panel. Overall functionality of the web application:• User registration• Selection/upload of images• Selection between three types of frames• Type delivery address• Place order and make payment
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Développement De Projet Réalité Virtuelle.

J'aimerai développer une experience pour un casque de réalité virtuel.Il faudra designer l'interface et mettre le programme dans le casque de réalité virtuel. L'interface presentera une home page VR. La page présentera un choix de video en 360 degré (que j'ai). Et il sera possible de reserver les activité présenté dans la video vu.Une fois la réservation effectué, un mail de confirmation sera envoyé au client.
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Dropshipping Team To Handle 50 Or More Client Stores

I am from Canada and looking to start an amazondropshipping franchise. I need a team of very experienced expert dropshippers, I will bring 20-30 clients per month that wish to automate their Canadian amazon stores. I need a team of VAs that fully understand profits, and can scale up stores to 50,000$ and higher within 3-5 months in order to fulfill our commitments to clients. I will offer a base pay per client store until we reach a total sales…
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Expert Tag Manager For Wordpress

Hi,We are looking for an expert can set tag manager on wordpressThe tag are already done but we need to create multiple indicator for analytics and tag manager to see conversion on that website :Submit FormLoad a specific pageect...Best regards,
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Find Requested Products From Chinese Suppliers

Warm regardsWe arelooking for a product sourcing support person, we have many clients seekingChinese productsSo, we needa partner on the ground in China or someone with adequate Chinese communicationskills who can contact Chinese factories directly.You willneed to negotiate lowest possible prices for a variety of requested products,we need a person who is motivated to move fast for fair reward.A person whohas the skills or experience necessary to keep the prices seriously competitiveIf you consideryourself capable of handling this position, please…
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Hello Can You Work With Us You Will Register In 100 Forums

hellocan you work with usyou will register in 100 forums in your native languageand publish 15 posts in 100 forums= 1500 post for 100 $you will not write postswe will send you postsyou will register and publish by your native language
Full Description of Hello can you work with us you will register in…

I Have A Dropshipping Store And I Want Somebody For Product Research

I want you to find products for me as I have a dropshipping store if you don't know anything about this no problem just Google dropshipping it's an online store module you have to find products for me on AliExpress. I'll add you to my Facebook ad account as well and I will run ads for the product you find for me I'll test the product for 1-3 days if it works then you'll get 10% of every sale and…
Full Description of I have a dropshipping store and I want somebody for…

I Need A Team Of 50 Freelancer ,work Is Copy Writing Freelancer With No Experience Are Also Welcom

I need 50 freelancers immediately you have to log in and copy the data with this link and earn money eventually money up to 150$ can be earned in 1-hour using thislink login.
Full Description of I need a team of 50 freelancer ,work is Copy…

I Need ERP Software For School With Source Code And Database

I need ERP software for school with source code and database and mobile app alsoand i need also MLM software with source code and database and mobile app alsoif anyone previously develop this software then share with me.
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