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PLC Control Over Wireless Interface, SCADA Development

We work for a mining organisation and require solutions to control PLCs wirelessly using network switches and also program the same in SCADA . The machinery which needs to be operated have simple ON/OFF requirements with error messages if they occur, we are looking a HT breakers, pumps, lights and other simple equipment.The challenge here is the location which is a remote mining area, so no optic fibre cables are present, we have LTE connectivity only and wiring is not…
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PLC Programmer With VASS Certificate 5

I am looking for a PLC programmer in Germany. Approx. 200 hours per month for 2 years. With VASS 5 Certificate. German speaking. Legato.In Munich.Also a second programmer is neededon the same construction site with the same qualifications for 6 months, but it isquite possible tostay until 2025.
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PLC Programming & Commissioning Service From A Freelancer

Should be expert on Yokogawa Stardum PLC Logic Development, Communication EstablishmentShould be expert on Motorola Cyclone Radio ConfigurationResource is needed for 1-2 monthsLocation of the assignment is in Dubai, UAE
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PLC Programming - Siemens Step 7 1200

Required PLC programmer experienced in Siemens Step 7 1200The work involves writing a program involving 2 stepper motors, 6 limit switches, 2 relays. The main flow chart includes only 36 steps.
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Systems Integration In Mozambique

Need to hire someone who can developsystems integration solutionsand be available to fly to Mozambique for presentations and delivery of projects on demand basis. The projects are mostly industrial control and process automation.
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Temperature Managment In A Plastic Processing Machine

I need a temperature management programm for heaters and ventilation fans. Thescenario shall switch the heaters and the air circulating fans at discrate temperature points by relaysto hold a certain temperature range (bang-bang-control).At this moment it shall be a demonstrator project with a simple Arduino-system (I2C-Bus Temperature sensor and the Ethernet-Shield). The evolution steps are: Arduino Yun and CAN-Bus and at least a commercial system for a PLC like Simatic based on CAN Bus with several sensors (temperature/current)
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