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Thank you for visiting this site.

History of this site begins in 2005. I don`t know if it`s old project or not, but this project is one of my most successful projects I`ve created. I was just reading some article about some Perl/CGI script and saw accidentally this domain name was mentioned in example. So I decided to buy it, and have done that. Without even having any idea about what I am going to do with it! At that time the best solution I decided was part domain with one domain marketer company. After around one year I`ve checked site statistics, and saw that people were really visiting that parked site. Then I thought: visitors does not deserve to visit the site and see just a parking page! So I decided to make something useful to visitors. It was really hard to find out what surfers wanted. But it seems I got the right idea.

Well, I don`t want to tell a detailed story, possible it is not interesting to you. Speaking shortly, I created some software and put the site online. Now, after several years passed, I can tell that it was success!

Recently I reviewed the site again. In spite of I was satisfied with this project several years ago, and even just couple months ago, I was not satisfied with it anymore. I decided to update the project. Well... couple of sleepless nights- and I`ve created completely new design and layout of the site. Improved software, added new features, fixed some bugs, and now you are browsing completely renewed project.

As far as I have couple of bigger projects on my mind and work on them, it`s possible that I could sell entire project.

You can contact me via contact form in questions area, or find out email in domain whois information.

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