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Apache Struts Web Development

3 months full time. Work include requirement study, programming and testing. May be required to be on-site at Putrajaya. Enhancement of existing system which uses Struts2 framework and Oracle database.
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Company Deals With Retail Sales. Need To Develop Store Inventory Application

this application holds all inventory available at each store across the globe. this app will be used to hold inventory of the stores, perform CRUD operations to oracle database, other apps will call this application using REST API's and many more .This application is already out in production but the backend code is based on perl. we are required to develop the same application using skillset , django-python, REST API, Oracle Database, Front end ( CSS, html, AJAX, Javascript, bootstrap…
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Database Design And Implementation

I am looking for a database specialist to provide input to aproject I am instigating.My company / website is a realestate website portal in the UK. Weare in the design / develop stage of our project, looking to go live in summer2019.Essentially, we provide a web portal for estate agents toadvertise land based assets they have for sale. We have used Rightmove ( a model for how we have set out our website. The developers are mid-waythrough the development of…
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Hire Oracle ERP Developer

Hi,We are a SAAS company based out of Gurgaon giving consultation to companies for supply chain visibility and brand protection against counterfeit products.The requirement would be to hire a Oracle Developer to integrate in Oracle ERPto suit our business needs.RegardsJacob8851347744
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I Need Database Designer For Dotnet Web Based Application

i need database designer for dotnet web based application all the tables name and data field defined in the application. my database has been deleted at the time of formate window so i need help for another person which help me. and user have good knowledge about IIS and oracle sql developer.this is a long term project. and i pay you hourly basis. according to your work.
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I Need Freelancer Which Are Help Me

I need Freelancer which are create database with tables,Procedures etc. according to coding and this database make on oracle and change the webconfig. this was DOTNET project. and configure Filezilla in IIS and run application on given IP ADDRESS.
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I Need Oracle With Dotnet Expert Today

I need oracle with dotnet expert today. Only small work please remove error regarding oracle and dotnet for start application. Please contact with me on 7310720010 if truelancer or any other person call for this project. Because my verified number is not please call on give number.
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IT Industrial Expert Trainer For Pune

we are serving as transforming students into it professional. we require passionate and industrial trainer having strong hold on programming knowledge. we are looking for Java expert for training in our organization.we are looking for a Java expert who can work in collaboration with our organization for students training in pune Maharashtra (Pune location)
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ODBC Application To Link Data Using SQL, Access And Oracle

The purpose of this application is tocreate responsive application that will intelligently link with otherapplication to run in DOS, Application and Enterprise level. Itwill support an ODBC connection and provide a data definition output file foruser and other applications to ingest.The application will have the ability to connect to multiple ODBCconnections to include different versions as well. The application will be easy to use where theuser can make a connection to a data source for manipulation for ODBC types of.mdb,…
Full Description of ODBC Application to link data using SQL, Access and Oracle

PHP Site With Oracle DB

I have a site with PHP as dashboard which pulls data from Oracle Databases and flat files . Needs this to organize well . I can provide the Oracle queries used , you just need to incorporate them in the site wherever required . This is a simple one , we need to organize the pages in well mannered and make them looks like lively page
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Portal For Database Administration Tasks

We do some routine tasks for oracle database administration, using shell scripts in, we wanted to do the same via web interface, using Python/DJango/HTML,CSS,MVC,JAVASCRIPTthe portal would be placed on local intranet.
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Process Decomposition,ER Model,Crudmatrix,context Diagram,E P C Form To Show The Process

Processdecomposition for the entire system. E-Rmodel for the entire system (with normalized table structures). Processto entity matrices for the entire systemContextdiagramProcedurefor booking a rental in EPC form.EAGLEONE is an aircraft charter company that supplieson-demand charter flight services using it’s fleet of small aircraft in the USfrom its airport base in Chicago. It has rapidly expanded in the last 10 years;however, it maintains all its data in manual registers. In recent times, it has been cited many timesby FAA for failure…
Full Description of Process decomposition,ER model,Crudmatrix,context diagram,E P C form to show the…

Require Database Developer

It's an university assignment based on DBMS. i want it to be finished exactly as mentioned in attached document otherwise candidates marks will be deducted which is not acceptable. If your able to do it then only send proposal. If you did it as expected then i will consider you for further assignments.Once you confirm i will share rest documents.
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SQL Queries Row To Column Transpose

I have data in Oracle I want to create a report monthly basis report for each day transaction count.The report format is like below, Product Oct 1 Oct2........Oct31Test1 10 25. ........ 55
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We Require An IT Industrial Expert Trainer

we are serving as transforming students into it professional. we require passionate and industrial trainer having strong hold on programming knowledge. we are looking for Java expert for training in our organization.
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