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Computer Vision To Find Pavement Distress In Orthoimages

I would like to obtain an open cv or Tensilflow code to identify pavement distress using Orthoimages. The code will be integrated into another software. The main distress to identify are Potholes, cracks and Aligator cracking. To test, I need to be able to upload and orthoimage and optain results. The result are # of cracks, lenght of each crack, total lenght of crack, #of potholes, surface area of each potholes, total surface area of potholes, same results for alligator…
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Face Emotion Recognition App OpenCV/ Fer

I want to build real time face emotion recognition computer vision app. It will be classifying face emotion from video and webcam.There is tons of free data sets and materials. If you know about OpenCV then it's easy job for you. I will provide you more project details upon request.
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I Need A Python Desktop Application

I am looking for experienced Python developer good at using PyQt5 and open CV, I need a desktop application that uses multi-threading and can achieve up to 20 Frames per second even with 6 cv2 cameras connected concurrently, or using 6 video source. The application does not need to be compiled, I just need the python code.Python should be used.please only bid if you have experience in this,Kindly attach your previous work samples.
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I Need Arduino Programmer With Matlab Or Opencv. Image Processing Project.

My concept is detect the image from my laptop then according to output 3 Nos. X, Y, Z. Directionstepper motor will run.I have 3 stepper motor with drive set. Just i need to programme and connect thearduino mega and my laptop as a image processor
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Image Detection And Recognition In C++ Using OpenCV

I want desktop application that recognize Mahjong tiles and some texts from image taken by webcam. I attached sample image.There's a sample code in the Github that recognize Mahjong tiles, but it was written in Python. (This can help you?)Anyone can do this for me?
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Need To Train Opencv Face Landmark Detector,Link Opencv With Contrib Module

Application Type:Android OpencvBrief:1) Train the face landmark detector (Kazemi) to get accurate result (68 point landmarks at the right places of the face)2) Link the Android opencv and contrib version (4.1.0).Send a Proposal if you can do it and I will send a detailed Requirement Documents for further discussion if I shortlist your Proposal.
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Real Time Head Pose Tracking. Opencv, Python, Deeplearing.

A.)I am using a pertained model- pertained model annotates 68 landmark points on the face using HOG + linear SVM and a standard data set. [2]B.) Then I plan on implementing a deep learning model, for real-time estimation of the head pose from these landmark points.
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Shape Recognition Using OpenCV

Looking for an expert to recognize the specific automotive parts using cheap USB camera and pi. The circular parts are scattered on the desk. Some "stand" properly but others are falling down or stand but upside-down. The code will only identify the parts properly standing and reply the location (coordinates) and minimum distance from neighbor part. Please refer to attached picture. The first scope is for PoC, thus no sophisticated GUI is necessary. And no ML is planned (only mathematical…
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Urgent-- Face Recognition

Want experienced guy in Deep learning, opencv & python to make a system to detect Face from an image with accessories like glasses, beard type, hair color, makeup, earing, hat, headscarf, headphone.also want to recognize age, gender & mood(emotion like happy, sad, angry, surprise etc) of the person.Want work should be done within a week with quality.
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