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Network And Systems Administration

Design and implementation of a proof of concept system usingvirtualisation technology, accompanied by a fully documentedtechnical report and demonstration.Check attachment for complete information.012398
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Networking Assignment Help

Report- 3000 wordsWhat you need to doYou are required to design the network you would recommend and how it would be configured. Remember the goal of building a new network is that it will support the company’s needs for the next five years. Your recommendations are to be submitted as a formal report containing your analysis of the present situation, andyour recommended network solution.
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Networking Design Report

Case study – Consider a company with below requirements The company head office in London (500 employees): • Four 2-storeyed buildings, factory floor and the showroom • Five Departments o Factory (250 employees) o Human Resource (50 employees)o Sales (100 employees) o Marketing (50 employees) o Customer service (50 employees) • Wired network access for all the employees • Data enabled tablets for tele-sales employees • Secure WiFi network for the premises • WiFi network for Guests/Customers • Data centre…
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Networking Wireless Networks And Security

Your work must be presented in the form of a short technical paper and be no longer than 7 sides plus a facing page that includes the abstract, but excluding the appendix.The following Learning outcomes will be addressed in this assignment:KU1 - Be able to describe, explain critically and analyse wireless data communication technologyalong with associated security issues.KU2 - Be able to analyse and model wireless behaviour using appropriate mathematicsIP1 - Critically analyse enterprise requirements for wireless systemsIP2 - Critically…
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Training Students In Chennai For 1 Month

Looking for an onsite trainer, at Chennai, India.Operating Systems & Computer Networks conceptsProblem Solving and Data structuresUNIX Commands and Version Control Systems (GIT), Build Tool (MAVEN)Software Development Life CycleDatabase design and SQLProgramming Fundamentals and Unit Testing [ through Java]Web Application Design - (Webservers, Web services, HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript/Typescript, Angular)AWS Basics
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Unity Multiplayer Tower Defense Game Using DarkRift 2

We are developing a multiplayer tower defense game in Unity using DarkRift 2 we take inputs from the clients, process it in the server then update it on client side but we are experiencing crashes and performance drops. Basically we need counseling on the Network structure of the game from someone who is familiar with Multiplayer, Unity, Full Authoritive Server...
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Wireless Networks And Security

Your work must be presented in the form of a short technical paper and be no longer than 7 sidesplus a facing page that includes the abstract, but excluding the appendix. This should be printed onA4 paper and use a font size no smaller than 10. A mark penalty of -10%/additional page will beapplied for submissions longer than required. For completeness you must include a detailed table ofresults within an appendix (not included in page count). You may if you…
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