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I Would Like To Convert The Attached Diagram In To MS Visio.

I would like to convert the attached diagram in to MS Visio.I have attached the PDF details of the flow diagram. I would like to get this diagram in following format.1. Please change it to horizontal.2. Please use appropriate shapes in the diagram. i.e Data base, User tool. Spreadsheet etc..3. consolidate the attached explanation and add in to the diagram (no more than 2 slids)4. Make it look good5. Send me editable file
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Wireframe Mockup Required For A Website

Looking for an experienced web designer/Business Analyst who can mockup the website as well as create wireframes and take existing designs and convert to html/css and make it responsive good website design and development experience.Experienced in website mockups and creating new designs and converting them into HTML/CSS, and making the site
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Workflows, Wireframes Mockup, Use Cases Required For A Website

Need a complete analysis, workflow diagrams, wireframes, usecases etc.The project is a Trainer Assigning Portal based on corporate requirement and the available trainer accordingly Thus the project is divided into 3 portals1) Corporate Business Portal2) Trainer Onboarding3) LMSRef:
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