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A Interesting Football Site

I am looking forward to making a interesting website.This is a football game site with math, where players (users) do not use any keys and play with their own scores after starting game.The players (subscribers) have a score corresponding to some items such as speed, attack power, accuracy of kic, defense, etc., and the game is progressed according to the score and the result is determined by it.Every player has own score, which increases with performance and experience in the…
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A Person Who Can Help Me With A Physics Exam

We need a person who can help us with a physics exam about dianamics , energies , particlr systems and cinematic. The exam will be in groups but we are missing a person from our group so we need someone to be a part of us in this project. Don’t forget that we will work with mail.
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Algorithm Implementation For Internet Of Things

The SmartKitchen Assistant system analysis and design document will serve as a planningand resource allocation tool from the beginning to its completion. Theemergence of smart appliances has revolutionized the way people live and dotheir things. The main goal of this system is to:Provideconvenient healthy living as well as minimizing costs associated withfrequent shopping. In general it’s an IOT based whereby we use the smart fridge todetect products expiry/quantity/ caloric content and send to server whichcan be accessed remotely via the…
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Assistance With Actuarial Exam

Sitting a 3 hour actuarial exam soon and would like some assistance throughout it. Need help completing the exam within the specified 3 hour period. Happy to send syllabus and coursenotes beforehand. Please reach out for more details. Price is negotiable.
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BME7100- Mathematics Help Needed

I have 5 questions that need to be done I will also attach a guidelines for each question so that you understand it clearly and hopefully no mistakes. Please check if there are any excel work or drawings need to be taken. if you're unsure of anything let me know I can ask them.
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CFD Expert With Knowledge Of Medical 3D Modeling

We are looking for a CFD expert with preferable knowledge of medical 3D modeling (arteries, veins, heart). The main goal of this project is to use a boundary condition framework that we have internally developed to integrate ANSYS with our one-dimensional code.The CFD experts must have knowledge of UDF programming, C, ideally with named pipes communication and JSON files.The project is divided into four tasks1) Straight tube with dimension length = 10 cm, radius = 1.4725 cm, with the inflow…
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Computer Science / Logic / Math - 1st Year College Assignment

I have an assignment on Computer Science / Logic / Math.It involves deriving proofs.Assignment is not difficult but need some knowledge about Fitch-style proofs, and first order logic is required. If not, some research will require.I will pay you for 10 hours with a $2/hr rate.
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Forex Trading: MT5 Development / EA

I am looking for a good developer with at least 5 years work experience in developing EAs in MQL 4 and 5. I need the developer to focus on this project only till its completion. Full requirements and job specs will be disclosed after signing an NDA agreement.
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Ghost Writer Needed For Upcoming Website

Hello Candidates, I need a ghostwriter for my upcoming website. Please make sure that the submitted article will be Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rich. So i can get the organic traffic. Here is the sample of the articles I need a replica of these articles with the same title. They are some samples. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. paraphrasing-tool Please note - Every content should between 3000-3500 word count Articles Needed - 5
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I Need A 500 Word Article In Either Mathematics,Science,Physics Or Computer Science

Hi,I am looking for a 500 word article on a technical topic from Mathematic, science, Physics or Computer science, but written in a friendly manner.- Please follow one out of APA,MLA,Chicago reference styles- please submit a formatted pdfPlease reply with the topic you'd want to write in. You are free to use any previous work, but make sure it is not a word to word copy. If things work out well, there shall be more projects.
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I Need A Computer Science Tutor In Automata And Turing Machines.

i need a freelancer to teach me fundamentals of automata theory and turing machines. I need to learn about kolmogorov complexity from this book ( ,which requires some fundamentals like partial functions, partial recursive functions etc. I do not have time to go through a complete course on the topic and wanted a crash course.
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I Need A Maths Teacher Who Can Plan Create Maths Lessons For K12

I need a Maths Teacher who can plan and create maths lessons for K12 students according to a format specified. This will be long term engagement and is intended to go for years on and off if the work is satisfactory.
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Implementation Of An Electrical Algortihm Power Systems-IEEE 33bus Distribution System

I want implementation of an electrical algorithm which includes load flow analysis of a 33 bus followed by implementation of 4 equation. Person with good knowledge in electrical domain, matlab expertise and mathematical aptitude preferred.(Base paper and codes written by me for same will be provided for reference).
Full Description of Implementation of an electrical algortihm power systems-IEEE 33bus distribution system

Looking For A MATLAB Expert To Solve A Two Coupled PDE's Through Method Of Characteristics

I am looking for an Expert who can can solve two coupled PDE's in MATLAB and provide the code. The problem needs to solved through method of characteristics method. A partially completed MATLAB code will be provided for further modification. In the attached file, you may see the two coupled equations to be solved in a matrix form. Further details will be provided upon request. (initial and boundary conditions)
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Looking For A MATLAB Expert To Solve Two Coupled PDE's Through Method Of Characteristics

The project was displayed previously, and the hired freelancer pulled out due to unavoidable reasons.The problem needs to solve two coupled PDE's as shown in the file named "equations". I have also attached file has the complete derivation of the problem. Since the problem cannot be solved directly, I have used eigenvector to convert it into a diagonal matrix. This needs to be solved using method of characteristics or any other appropriate method. You can also refer to the references…
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