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A Interesting Football Site

I am looking forward to making a interesting website.This is a football game site with math, where players (users) do not use any keys and play with their own scores after starting game.The players (subscribers) have a score corresponding to some items such as speed, attack power, accuracy of kic, defense, etc., and the game is progressed according to the score and the result is determined by it.Every player has own score, which increases with performance and experience in the…
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Algorithm Implementation For Internet Of Things

The SmartKitchen Assistant system analysis and design document will serve as a planningand resource allocation tool from the beginning to its completion. Theemergence of smart appliances has revolutionized the way people live and dotheir things. The main goal of this system is to:Provideconvenient healthy living as well as minimizing costs associated withfrequent shopping. In general it’s an IOT based whereby we use the smart fridge todetect products expiry/quantity/ caloric content and send to server whichcan be accessed remotely via the…
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Computer Science / Logic / Math - 1st Year College Assignment

I have an assignment on Computer Science / Logic / Math.It involves deriving proofs.Assignment is not difficult but need some knowledge about Fitch-style proofs, and first order logic is required. If not, some research will require.I will pay you for 10 hours with a $2/hr rate.
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Forex Trading: MT5 Development / EA

I am looking for a good developer with at least 5 years work experience in developing EAs in MQL 4 and 5. I need the developer to focus on this project only till its completion. Full requirements and job specs will be disclosed after signing an NDA agreement.
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I Need A Computer Science Tutor In Automata And Turing Machines.

i need a freelancer to teach me fundamentals of automata theory and turing machines. I need to learn about kolmogorov complexity from this book ( ,which requires some fundamentals like partial functions, partial recursive functions etc. I do not have time to go through a complete course on the topic and wanted a crash course.
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I Need A Maths Teacher Who Can Plan Create Maths Lessons For K12

I need a Maths Teacher who can plan and create maths lessons for K12 students according to a format specified. This will be long term engagement and is intended to go for years on and off if the work is satisfactory.
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Looking For A MATLAB Expert To Solve A Two Coupled PDE's Through Method Of Characteristics

I am looking for an Expert who can can solve two coupled PDE's in MATLAB and provide the code. The problem needs to solved through method of characteristics method. A partially completed MATLAB code will be provided for further modification. In the attached file, you may see the two coupled equations to be solved in a matrix form. Further details will be provided upon request. (initial and boundary conditions)
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Looking For A MATLAB Expert To Solve Two Coupled PDE's Through Method Of Characteristics

The project was displayed previously, and the hired freelancer pulled out due to unavoidable reasons.The problem needs to solve two coupled PDE's as shown in the file named "equations". I have also attached file has the complete derivation of the problem. Since the problem cannot be solved directly, I have used eigenvector to convert it into a diagonal matrix. This needs to be solved using method of characteristics or any other appropriate method. You can also refer to the references…
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Maple Online Complex Numbers Group Job

Hello, we will have a maple group over complex numbers. You will solve 10 mathematics questions about complex numbers in maple and you will give the answer online by TELEGRAM app. So the first condition is to have telegram because we will communicate there. It will be an online process. If you have questions, ask us.
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MATH3070: Natural Resource Mathematics

(a) Let D = {x|Ax ≤ b, x ≥ 0}, where x ∈ Rn, b ∈ Rm and A is an m × nmatrix. Prove that D is a convex set.(b) Consider the optimization problemmax−x2 − 2xy − 4y2 + 2x + y, (1)s.t. − ∞ < x, y < ∞.Let f(x, y) = −x2 − 2xy − 4y2 + 2x + y and find its gradient vector ∇f(x, y)and Hessian matrix ∇2f(x, y).(c) Express f(x, y) in the formf(x,…
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Mathematics Formula Work

We are looking for someone who can take our basic formula and format it correctly to proper mathematical standards. The formula works, just is using a non-standard format. Looking for ASAP delivery.
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Networking Wireless Networks And Security

Your work must be presented in the form of a short technical paper and be no longer than 7 sides plus a facing page that includes the abstract, but excluding the appendix.The following Learning outcomes will be addressed in this assignment:KU1 - Be able to describe, explain critically and analyse wireless data communication technologyalong with associated security issues.KU2 - Be able to analyse and model wireless behaviour using appropriate mathematicsIP1 - Critically analyse enterprise requirements for wireless systemsIP2 - Critically…
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Quantitative Analysis

Position Summary The Quantitative Analyst measures correctly, analyzes thoroughly, and communicates clearly exposure levels and allocation risks to the Chief Compliance Officer. This position requires a strong quantitative background with accountability in the areas of financial due diligence, asset allocation and analysis, performance measurement, data analysis, risk management, economic analysis, and asset allocation. Promoting Legato’s core values and mission are critical components of this role. Essential Duties and Responsibilities This job description is not designed to cover or contain a…
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Remote Machine Learning Tutor With Strong Base In Maths

wiJob SummaryNeed a remote tutor for Deep Learning/Computer Vision papers. Will have to meet over skype/google hangouts. Papers/Topics shall be updated here. You can pick one or more.Responsibilities and DutiesNeed a remote tutor for Deep Learning/Computer Vision papers. Will have to meet over skype/google hangouts. Papers/Topics shall be updated here. You can pick one or more:1. Differentiable Programming. For e.g. Normalizing Flows, Neural Differentiable Equations and Glow Generative ModelsRequired Experience, Skills and QualificationsMust have mathematical background, can meet an…
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Requires Extensive Aviation Knowledge To Be Able To Understand And Complete The Calculation And Work

Problem solving in relation to flight operations. It requires extensive aviation knowledge to be able to understand and complete the calculation and work required.Please read the assessment carefully to confirm you are able to complete it.The report is based on the following scenario.Scenario: You have recently secured a job with a charter company and acompany’s Chief Pilot asked you to prepare a report for a weekly charteroperation, carrying a doctor and a nurse to provide an aeromedical healthservice for those…
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