Map- Reduce Using Hadoop Tool

Apply Map- Reduce using Hadoop tool to implement Big Data Analysis (You should google for your data which should in terms of Gigabytes).
Your project should include at least two of the following operations:-1.
Summarization Patterns.2.
Filtering Patterns.3.
Data Organization pattern.4.
Join Pattern.5.
Met patterns.
Tags: Java, Big Data


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To Describe Concepts Of Genetic Programming And Design A Generality/specificity Mutation Operator

would you except crossover or gradient descent to produce bigger jumps(on average) in the quality of a solution why?design a generality/specificity mutation operator for a genetic programming.when would you use it and why?What kind of search is mutation in GP or EC? Is it random jump? If yes, why? If not, why not and could it be a random jump if designed for forced as such (give details)?Can you design a hill-climbing mutation operator for GP or GA? Give details.
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Dynamic Data Collection For Field Agents

Mobile App with the following features:1. A form with the input types :text, barcode, image capture, signature, geo-tag, search.2. Certain input fileds to be stored locally and on the server, rest all of the details on the server.3. App should work offline.4. User access control : Admin to control all the data , the user who is entering the data should be able to see his data and not others data.
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Simple Java Assignment

I need a high quality and experienced java developer who can do a simple java assignment. Please read the attached PDF for more details. I need only questions 2 and 3. Question 1 has already been done. Only some methods have to be filled in the "" file. It contains the starter code. The tester code is present in "". Please remove the .txt extension from the java files. I need this assignment within today evening. It is a very…
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Project On MSSQL, On-premises Application Monitoring & Logging, AD Integration, Backups And More

FIRST ABOUT THE APPLICATION:Stack: React.js + Node.js + SQLiteDeployment: The Application is deployed on-premises mostly on Windows Servers.THE WORK AT HAND:1. Moving from SQLite to MSSQL:The Application was built as a MVP using SQLite and now we want to move to a formal Database preferably MSSQL (this is what most of our customers prefer). To ensure that you don't have to learn a lot about the application, we have a strategy of building an abstraction layer between the database and…
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