I need all types of designer views this link and confirm me i am waiting for your reply...
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Designer Needed To Create Brand Style Guide For New Chrome Extension

Retail Therapy affects everyone. When we’re feeling stressed, some of us seek the pleasure of buying useless things online. I’m building an application that helps consumers rethink their buying patterns and choose to invest their money in something that will work for them! We’re building a Chrome extension that prevents people from buying useless stuff online and points consumers towards investments they can make with their money. A similar style extension is Honey, except we’re pointing people towards investing their…
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I am a graphic designer i can create perfect cool designs project and i have a good voice talent too ..
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Designing And Creativity

I am good in design and creativity and a hard working person. You will not be disappointed. I am looking forward for giving the designing a next level.
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Edit Company Logo

I would like a couple of changes done to my company logo. CHANGES TO BE MADE: • The words "LIGHTINGXPRESS" to be slightly increased and stretched out so it's the same length as the "SOUND - LIGHTING - PARTY HIRE" • White dashes (e.g.-,) tomb to be placed between the SOUND - LIGHTING -PARTY HIRE" • make the red on the logo and phone number to stand out more - brighter/more vibrant. • If possible, make the two blue beems…
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Fb Ads You Have On My Facebook Business Page

I've been trying to contact you about my 25.00 payment that was supposed to be paid on 10/14/2019 that I didn't receive. Can you tell me when the payment will be sent out?
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Full Business Branding

Hello, We are looking for the below scope mentioned: Phase 1<gwmw> -</gwmw> </p> 1. The brand philosophy – our raison d’etre 2. Vision and Mission statement 3. Personality Traits of FCQ<gwmw>.</gwmw>Works and Value System </p> 4. Tone of voice; Core and supporting 5. The development of logo, Primary brand <gwmw>colours</gwmw><gwmw> ,</gwmw> Secondary <gwmw>colours</gwmw> </p> 6. Website design: UI Phase 2<gwmw> –</gwmw> </p> 1. The brand book. This will include the above in detail plus a. Visual Hierarchy Sub-brands / Brand-names…
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Graphic Designer (social Media Post & Logo Design)

Hello, Hello sir aur mam. I am a graphic designer. Generally I design logos and digital marketing creative logos are client base requirement
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Graphic Desogner

Your design concept becomes the framework for all your design, logic concept and thinking it will lead to your choice.
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Graphics Design

Hi, This is Md Jihad hossen. I’m a data entry expert, Graphics designer and many more skills I have.
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Graphics Design, Logo Design, Business Card Design, T-shirt Design, All Data Entry Basic.

I am a professional Data Entry and Graphics Designer. I can do Motion Graphics & Effects Logo design, Business Card Design T-Shirt Design I cone Design Data Entry Data Scraping Data Collection Data Mining Data Managemen t Products Design Pdf conversin Translation Excel/Word Google Docs My experience 3 years in my work. I think I am different from others for the importance of my work and for creative prowess and integrity. Through any communication for contact me. Inshaallah I can…
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I Am Photography,Designer And Data Entary, Video And Image Editingprofessional.

I am photography,Designer and Data Entry,video and photo Editing professional.I am very hard working professional and I can complete all project in specific time and period
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I Need A Logo Designer For My Website

Make a Logo for my website.The website's URL is in the attached file.Visit that site and confirm me by sending a screenshoot.After sending that screenshoot knock me for more details.Without pages screenshoot, No messages are allowed.Thanks.Have a good day.
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I Want Interest In This Job

I am have very interested in this job and I am do good work I promised that I do good work in your company
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