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Computer Science - C++ In Linux

The attached pdf has all the assignment instructions. It has to be coded in C and compile it on linux because if it runs there, than it will run on our server as well which is omega.Deadline is 22nd april
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Computer Science- Heap Management

It has to be coded in C and compile it on linux because if it runs there, than it will run on our server as well which is omega.Please check the Attachment and quote your price.
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Desktop App That Will Play Videos In A Sequence

This project will read data from a text file and play videos as per the list. List will vary based on time. So a 24 hours day may have seven lists based on timeDisplay will be touch screen type. When user will touch the screen, it will stop playing and show a Numeric Keyboard. When ever a key is pressed, its value is sent on serial port (USB Port)Software can be tested on Raspi. If you do not have raspi,…
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Docker And Jenkins Certs Tls Configuration In Ec2 Server

Hi guys, This is Jagadeesh. currently i need your help from you for docker and jenkins. please help me with this issue. currently i am working on docker TLS ssl certs with dns name. so while i am verifying certs with docker tls command. i am getting error . you can see this link what i am asking . if it is possible if u know how to create this cert.pem, key.pem, ca.pem files . i will give u so…
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Embedded Linux Programming Of Real-time System, Linux , C++

Programming of Real-Time Systems , linux , C++ ", you are asked to realizeservocontrol in position of a rotating machine with direct current. For this purpose, the equipmentyour disposition is as follows:- EMG30: DC brushless motor, with 2 Hall effect rotor position sensors, and reducerintegrated mechanics- EMG30 control / command board: bidirectional DC motor control, conditioningHall effect sensors, galvanic isolation between control and power- Raspberry Pi 3- PIC16F84A microcontroller- Additional electronic components required: passive components, active components forlogic level matching,…
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FEW CHANGES TO A UI Application Delphi/webbroker USER AREA

REQUIRED SKILLS:html5angularjs/ 10.2 Tokio / freepascal(fpc) / webbrokersql firebirdraspbian / linuxwebsocketwindows server / IIS 10own a rapsberry pi 3PATCH THE USER CONTROL PANEL- WINDOWS WATCHGUARDadd a watchguard on a windows 10 applicationUPLOAD POPUPIMAGE 1 - .json image upload show a popup that disappear only after that the upload is ended when saving the .json image in 2 sections:SalvaPubblicareplacing actual pupop that it says to wait for 5 seconds..IMAGE 2 DOWNLOAD POPUPWhen loading the format and the LOCANDNA show a loading…
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Forum App, For Users To Discuss History.

you need create it and distribute it for us .for design , we have a ui designer to help you .for severlet and api , we done it with php and put it at linux .for details ,contact me.
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I Have A Init Script That Needs To Be Converted As LInux Standerd Based

I have a script which installs certain software. The script was working fine with centos but giving error while using on Debian. so we decided not to use update rc and use system and lsb package to install that script now I need to make certain changes in that script to make it compatible with Linux standard base
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I Need A Operating System Linux Expert

·You are theassistant to the Network Administrator of a busy product services company. ·You are required tobuild a fully operational Server that will be run as a network DomainController·You will berequired to set up user accounts for two different departments within thecompany and these accounts must be placed into groups and Organizational Units.·You will createnetwork resources (a shared folder) for each of the two departments and youwill assign access to these resources based on group membership. ·You will also setup…
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My Project Has Frontendangler And Backend In Scala I Need Someone To

I need someone to help in Connect Kafka as docker image with my BackendUse Kubernates for montring all docrized components and having replicans of the DBsDo Web socket to connect the frontend with the Backend
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Need Help From Ansible Admin To Run A Playbook

We have an ansible playbook at and it needs to run the command against a local docker container.We are able to ssh to the docker container but playbook is failing. Need admin to update setup script and explain how playbook is working.
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Need Processing IRC LOGS

You need to analyze textual log data from an online chat forum related to theAnonymous hacktivist group. You will learn how to apply regular expressions, summarize log data,quantify text data, and summarize time trends.DATAIRC is an early protocol for instant messaging developed in the early years of the Internet. Theopenness and ability to remain anonymous has made IRC a popular channel for hacker networks tocollaborate and share ideas.The data comes from It contains two yearsof chats between hackers associated…
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Network Systems And Administration

Check the attached file for more information- deep and systematic understanding of system and networkingconcepts, including principles, technologies, and emerging trends.Scientifically and critically analyse, implement and evaluate networkingtechniques, technologies, strategies and methodologies used in industry. Applyanalytical and problem-solving skills in order to select and implementnetworking solutions appropriate to multiple organisational and environmentalcontexts.Work should be done on CentOS.
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Python SIP Message Parser RFC3261. RTP Audio Stream.

Should be developed a Python daemon that runs in Linux. Able to listen to INVITE events, REGISTER, and send / receive OPTIONS SIP events as defined in RFC3261. And as well establish a audio RTP stream with the VoIP server. If used any library, the library should not be GPL, only accepted libraries that allow the result of code to be closed source. Ex. MIT or BSD.
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Real-time System , Systeme Temps Réel ,

Programming real-time system on linux, the problem of philosophers in C ++ (semaphores, multitrhead, mutex)the treavail is described in the commented pdf file, for a better understandingProgrammation systeme temps réel sur linux , du problème diner des philosophes en C++ ( semaphores , multitrhead, mutex )le treavail est decrit dans le fichier pdfien commenté , pour une meilleur comprehension
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