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Angular Project - Timesheet

I'm a proficient C# developer. But I have a little knowledge about Angular.So I need a partner who can work with me on a very simple Angular website project.I am willing to create API in Dot Net Core so a linux server can be used.Please explain your experience in Angular + Dot Net in proposal.MUST: Looking for an India based freelancer only whom I can contact viaphone or WhatsApp, if needed.
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C++ Marks Calculator

The objective of the project is to develop a command line program that reads a text file containing a complete set of coursemarks for a group of students, and computes their final overall mark for the course (out of 100) and their corresponding letter grade (A+, A, etc).Currently the program is to target the debianlinux systemThe program should be in c++ which will be running on linux
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Computer Science - C++ In Linux

The attached pdf has all the assignment instructions. It has to be coded in C and compile it on linux because if it runs there, than it will run on our server as well which is omega.Deadline is 22nd april
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Computer Science- Heap Management

It has to be coded in C and compile it on linux because if it runs there, than it will run on our server as well which is omega.Please check the Attachment and quote your price.
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Desktop App That Will Play Videos In A Sequence

This project will read data from a text file and play videos as per the list. List will vary based on time. So a 24 hours day may have seven lists based on timeDisplay will be touch screen type. When user will touch the screen, it will stop playing and show a Numeric Keyboard. When ever a key is pressed, its value is sent on serial port (USB Port)Software can be tested on Raspi. If you do not have raspi,…
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Docker And Jenkins Certs Tls Configuration In Ec2 Server

Hi guys, This is Jagadeesh. currently i need your help from you for docker and jenkins. please help me with this issue. currently i am working on docker TLS ssl certs with dns name. so while i am verifying certs with docker tls command. i am getting error . you can see this link what i am asking . if it is possible if u know how to create this cert.pem, key.pem, ca.pem files . i will give u so…
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Embedded Linux And CAN Bus

Looking for someone with expertise in embdedded Linux and CAN bus. Need to code something to interface with an existing interface that is generating CAN data. This is an exciting project related to Electric Vehicles. Ping me if you are interested.
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Embedded Linux Programming Of Real-time System, Linux , C++

Programming of Real-Time Systems , linux , C++ ", you are asked to realizeservocontrol in position of a rotating machine with direct current. For this purpose, the equipmentyour disposition is as follows:- EMG30: DC brushless motor, with 2 Hall effect rotor position sensors, and reducerintegrated mechanics- EMG30 control / command board: bidirectional DC motor control, conditioningHall effect sensors, galvanic isolation between control and power- Raspberry Pi 3- PIC16F84A microcontroller- Additional electronic components required: passive components, active components forlogic level matching,…
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FEW CHANGES TO A UI Application Delphi/webbroker USER AREA

REQUIRED SKILLS:html5angularjs/ 10.2 Tokio / freepascal(fpc) / webbrokersql firebirdraspbian / linuxwebsocketwindows server / IIS 10own a rapsberry pi 3PATCH THE USER CONTROL PANEL- WINDOWS WATCHGUARDadd a watchguard on a windows 10 applicationUPLOAD POPUPIMAGE 1 - .json image upload show a popup that disappear only after that the upload is ended when saving the .json image in 2 sections:SalvaPubblicareplacing actual pupop that it says to wait for 5 seconds..IMAGE 2 DOWNLOAD POPUPWhen loading the format and the LOCANDNA show a loading…
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Forum App, For Users To Discuss History.

you need create it and distribute it for us .for design , we have a ui designer to help you .for severlet and api , we done it with php and put it at linux .for details ,contact me.
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I Have A Init Script That Needs To Be Converted As LInux Standerd Based

I have a script which installs certain software. The script was working fine with centos but giving error while using on Debian. so we decided not to use update rc and use system and lsb package to install that script now I need to make certain changes in that script to make it compatible with Linux standard base
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I Need A Operating System Linux Expert

·You are theassistant to the Network Administrator of a busy product services company. ·You are required tobuild a fully operational Server that will be run as a network DomainController·You will berequired to set up user accounts for two different departments within thecompany and these accounts must be placed into groups and Organizational Units.·You will createnetwork resources (a shared folder) for each of the two departments and youwill assign access to these resources based on group membership. ·You will also setup…
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I Need A Script That Can Log Into A Database And Run A Script And Report The Output

We have some two parameters that are normally run manually when the SAP HANA db goes down and comes back up. This is a manual task and i want this automated. I need a script that will run every 5minsand will check the uptime of the database and if the uptime is less than 30mins, it will execute the two queries.Here are the two parameters:ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('global.ini','SYSTEM') SET('persistence','use_helper_threads_for_flush')='true' WITH RECONFIGURE;ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('global.ini','SYSTEM') SET ('persistence','use_helper_threads_for_flush')='false' WITH RECONFIGURE;
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I Need A Talent Illustrator To Create Few Technology Images

I'm looking for a real talent illustrator to create a several technologies images for document.I am expecting for creative and excellent results.I am expecting to receive a PNG/JPG format in addition to the source (AI/PSD) formatFor example:1. The first images should be a "main" (Linux) server that runs 4 virtual Linux servers within it. Each virtual server should has a cpu icon and X2, and ram icon 4GB2. Second images should be a 3 servers that communicate (with nice arrows…
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I Need To Upgrade An Existing Application And Develop A Mobile Version

Current application isrunning on windows (.net) and need to migrate to Linux (java, Python, others).-Platform requires hardware integration but all hardware haveits SDK build on Java or C#, integration is already made using .net.-Migration database is required from SQL to MySQL or other (nolicensing Data base engine)- Software should control hardware (relays and others) andcapture data, that should be send to the cloud- API development is required- Web Application for data managementI'll provide wireframe and a Project Manager. If you…
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