Link Researcher

Task/Problem Description:

I need an advanced white hat link building expert. Tasks will include:

1. Prospecting - I need you to go out and find niche relevant opportunities. This will include:

Link roundup opportunities

Guest posting opportunities

Sponsored post opportunities

Resource page links

Broken link building

2. Outreach - I need someone who can use the email templates provided to send emails and inquire about opportunities

3. Email skills - I need someone who can respond (in perfect English) to opportunities. I need you to manage the email conversations end to end (from prospecting to live link)

4. Manage the entire link building process - we use Google Excel sheets to track everything. I need someone who can find hundreds of opportunities, contact website owners, find content writers, and get links live.

Skills required:

English - Writing

Editing - Proofreading

Marketing & Sales - SEO

Customer Service & Admin Support - Content Moderation

Tags: Article Submission, Internet Marketing
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