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Computer Investigation In Discrete Structures

Description. A full written report on your own investigation into a topic relevant to the MAT3DSAcourse materials and informed by computer exploration: using SAGE. The report should. . .• Be written so as to be understandable by a typical MAT3DSA student.• Include a general introduction to the topic of investigation, as well as more details of what isrequired, quite likely including some short proofs and explanatory examples.– Depending on the precise nature of your investigation, you may be able to…
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I Need Help In Formatting My Technical Report In Latex

I need help with latex for my technical report. The freelancer will need to supervise me over google hangouts screen share with latex commands for things like alignment, fonts, images, making bibliographyetc.I will need your help across5-6 sessions, 300 INR per hour.
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BME7095 - Mechanical Engineering & Renewable Energy Engineering

2000-2500 word report detailing most important findings from yourmodelling work. It is suggested that the final submitted document pays attention to the following details.(a) Introduction and scope {4 marks}• Principle of operation and costing analysis, e.g. Task 1 part(a)• Scope: How are the Learning Outcomes to be demonstrated?(b) Methods {5 marks}• Definitions, including the standard Rankine cycle.• Justification of assumptions e.g. isentropic efficiency, approach temperatures, etc.• Benchmarking: Turbine and pump procedures.• Complete description of the modelling process used. You may…
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ROBOTICS Help Needed

The report should be in theIEEE journal format. The templates, including word and latex formatsThe zipped file should containthree folders: “Source”, “Video” and “Report”.The “Video” folder should contain a short video showing the robot moving around to pick and place the object. The “Report” folder can contain the reports (named according to your Student ID, e.g.: 123456.pdf).
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Typesetting Mathemtical Notes On Neural Networks In LaTeX

I have around 35 pages of handwritten notes in English on the mathematics of neural networks, which include also at least one table and a diagram. I have attached a sample of the handwritten notes. These notes need to be typeset in LaTeX using a specific template such that it matches with additional notes.For this, typesetting skills in LaTeX as well as the corresponding English skills are necessary. A background or some experience in Mathematics or Data Science perferably.Please include…
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Write Technical Thesis Work In Latex

i have carried out the project,i need someone to quickly draft the thesis report for me:i will provide reference,sample reports ,material ,flow of reprt.i will also dictate the content of the work.the report will be around 40 pages.3 days deadline-----OutlineThe thesis is organized as follows: Section 1 is Introduction, which highlights the problem description, motivation, objectives and thesis outline. Section 2 is Data Processing, which explains source form of data, data acquisition, concerns related to data acquisition, ideal dataset and…
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