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Add API To My Website Frontend Template

Brief:I want to edit my website frontendDesign Preferences & Preferred Customizations:Now in my website everything is static but now I want to make it completely dynamic like menu is static but now I want that it will automatic arrange the menu from json file and fetch products through api show on website and upload products from api some other features.Technology Preferences:HTML, CSS, javascript, jquery
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Apache Spark And Python

You need to build asimple application able to run some Tasks in a specific order. To achieve that,you will need an executor taking care of which task to execute, and a base Taskclass with the common abstraction inPython.As an example:class Executor(object): def __init__(self, tasks=[]): self.tasks = tasks def run(self): # do stuffYour pipeline needs tofulfill these tasks:Use the dataset on S3 as theinput ( some transformations.Create a table and make theoutput data ready to be queried after and during each…
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Billing-Accounting And HR Management Software In Java Spring Security & JPA

Brief:3 Panels would be there. One is our Admin/Subadmin Panel. Second is Client Admin/Subadmin Panel. Third is Client Employee Panel. All panels would be made dynamic through JSON codings in Java-Spring & JPA as DB.Through our Admin/Subadmin Panel, we can be able to manage the client admin/subadmin panel and client employee panel.In Client Admin/Subadmin Panel, 2 major softwares will be there as "Billing & Accounting Software" and "HR Management Software".In Client Employee Panel, only HR management related options will be…
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C# Webapi That Takes Data From Stored Procedures For Authenticated User And Response Back In Json

1)--I need to host a demo WebApi that Authenticate user, from windows/AD authentication.2)--Show home page, and user users basics info on home page, and on click on button/link call do Ajax call to get data from WebApi,3)--The WebApi will get input in json format and call parametrized stored procedure and send data to the page.4)--Prepare doc how to setup the code/DB and detailed steps of how to host the webapi (2-3 pager)5)--It is good to have front end in reactjs6)…
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Construct2 Game Work Need Admin Panel

I have a game in construct2, this is html5 game and i want to make a admin panel for this game so that any user playing this game he will register your self and then he can play game i will see what is users score leaderboard type, game link for details you can wp me at plus nine one eight eight nine nine zero two one three one three.
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Create A Program To Convert A File Into JSON Using Python

I have compressed file(data base table extract)as input and this needs to decompressed (a python library API is available in the link) and converted into JSON file using Python. Expect a utility to be built for this purpose.Please check the links below and ONLY if you are comfortable handling this, I will offer this work to you. see the attached input archive file and output text file(in csv format, json is preferred)Please do not bid, if you did not read…
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D3.js Custom Graph Visualisation

I need a custom visualisation based on the D3.js library. Based on some JSON data structure it should show a set of circles which represents bank accounts and the money flow between them. - Each circle (bank account) will be connected to one or more circles depending on the money flow between them.- An edge of this graph (the flow of money) should contain a number which represents the amount of flow between it.- Each circle should also display a…
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Dataset Creation For MongoDB

Looking to build a mongo collection using couple of other collections. We do have 3 collections Customer, Products and Orders. The Customer and Product are master collection while the order is a transaction. Each order shall have 1 customer and multiple products, its quantities, unit rates and the total rates.Project is to create a Mongo script to insert the 10000 records into the order collection ( the customer and product master already available).
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Django Developer For Sync Script For Project Similar To

Hi, there,I need a django app for my website ( app will synchronize the contents of streaming platforms with our db: movies and TV series. A bit like, but it will be a section of my site.Our db has both the imdb_id and the tmdb_id, so your job is to take the feeds, the API or whatever you can find, and do:1- import the initial availability catalog (only the first time)2 - a script that keeps the synchronization updated…
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FEW CHANGES TO A UI Application Delphi/webbroker USER AREA

REQUIRED SKILLS:html5angularjs/ 10.2 Tokio / freepascal(fpc) / webbrokersql firebirdraspbian / linuxwebsocketwindows server / IIS 10own a rapsberry pi 3PATCH THE USER CONTROL PANEL- WINDOWS WATCHGUARDadd a watchguard on a windows 10 applicationUPLOAD POPUPIMAGE 1 - .json image upload show a popup that disappear only after that the upload is ended when saving the .json image in 2 sections:SalvaPubblicareplacing actual pupop that it says to wait for 5 seconds..IMAGE 2 DOWNLOAD POPUPWhen loading the format and the LOCANDNA show a loading…
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I Need A Drag And Drop UI In React Js.

> user should be able to create a flow of steps using elements in right side column.> on saving flow, it should generate a json file which will contain flow details> it should be able to recreate flow using the generated json fileI need only independent freelancers, we will have more similar works.
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I Need To Convert JSON Format Data Extracted From Into Excel

We use for managing chats on our website. Over the last couple of years we have had over 3000 chats with various customers. We wish to extract that data and import into our CRM. allows extraction in JSON format. We want to convert it into an excel format.
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Interactive GeoJSON & FIPS Shapefile ISP Territory Map Database + API + Drupal UI

We are building a nationwide internet provider territory coverage database with associated interactive map. We will be using FCC ISP data, and US Census data in this project. Database: Create database schema for US Census FIPS & store data Create database schema for FCC ISP info & store data GeoJSON: Store shape files and their corresponding GEOJSON to generate maps & create script to generate the mapping files API Interface: Query ISO and FIPS data for the Drupal web search…
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Ionic Application Development / Flutter

Required Skill::::::: ===================== 1. Angular-Fire-{Mostly firebase related services integration} 2. IONIC 3. MYSQL 8.0 ( familiar with latest version 8.0 features ) 4. AWS Hosting 5. Google Cloud-SQL 6. Firebase Push-Notification 7. API/SDK integration ( open source & third parties ) the following are overview of app funtionalities & other features :: -> (Android & iOS - App). [ FIND SIMILAR SERVICE OF APPLE AS GOOGLE HAVE ] 1.Google Firebase :-> Most commonly Used for creating the User Database…
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Machine Learning And NLP Project

The task here is to come up with a prototype of a machine learning system for translating statistical data (data that is already pre-processed for data visualization) into Natural language descriptions. Given its recent popularity, a system based on Tensorflow is preferred.Initially, the prototype will focus on one or two types of statistical data: Financial data (such as stock market data) and weather data (such as a weather forecast).The task here is NOT to parse through and analyze large datasets.…
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