Interactive User Application For Education

Web Application with 3 modules i.e.
Student/parent module, Tutor Module and Admin module·Hybrid Mobile Application for chatWeb ApplicationLanding page1.
Introduction about our web app2.
Provision to submit request tobecome tutor3.
Promotion videos of our web app4.
What we do content5.
Payment terms.
Student/Parent Module1.
Signup 3.
Find a tutor4.
List of tutors with details of tutor and ranking, sorttutor5.
Home- Search for tutor, recommended tutor6.
Chat- provision to search and chat with tutor andattach files7.
Calendar view of booked appointments, provision to sortthem8.
History – provision to view history of sessions,provision to rate a tutor and send feedback9.
Feedback- user can send feedback to admin10.
Studentcan reschedule the session and teacher will be notified11.
Provisionto view online tutors.12.
Whiteboard integration13.
Auto-audio/video/whiteboard recording14.
Viewrecordings in history(Download size of video able to auto-resize)15.
Livechat with tutor during a session, chat will be saved for future16.
Shopping cart in student's accountTutor Module1.
Dashboard-number of session booked, number of students reached, income earned 3.
Sessions– view session request for students, provision to initiate chat with student4.
Teachercan reschedule the session5.
Calendarview- provision to calendar view of the bookings6.
Chats-provision to view messages from students, provision to attach file7.
Historyof teaching- provision to view the history of teaching 8.
Messageto admin- provision to send and receive message to admin.9.
Data storage in the website so that tutor can pull out exam papers for the students to do during live sessionAdmin Module 1.
Dashboard– analytics3.
Studentmanagement 4.
Teachermanagement- add teacher, edit teacher5.
Newteacher request management 6.
Messagefrom students 7.
Messagefrom teachers8.
Paymentmanagement for teacher9.
Websitecontent management 10.
Settings 11.
Set commissionpercentageMobile Application1.
Mobile app also able to send notifications to tutor/student/admin that tutor has accepted booking or student has made a cancellation2.
Reminder notification (1 day before) for students/tutors that session is coming up3.
Tutors and students can also contact us via mobile app4.
Communications via mobile have history of chatsStudent/Parent Module1.
Chat with teacher and add attachmentTeacher Module1.
Chat with student and add attachmentOther requirements:1.
Website and mobile app must be able to support 2 languages (Eng/Thai)2.
Easy for web hosting3.
Web design must be able to be viewed exactly the same from mobile4.
Minor changes and bug fixes must be covered with no additional charges
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