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A Program To Look Up Images Quickly

'a programthat automatically looks for images on specific websites and transfers these in our webshop'so we have a webshop for which we currently have a contest running to make the lay-out of this better and improve sales. One of the things wasting lots of time is the search for images, since every item we put in the system gets a unique ID nr, and the image is linked to this nr. so every item that comes in, needs to get…
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Create A Image Detection Application In Video Stream

Create an android application which is useful in image detection and object detection while doing a video stream.Please refer below link:
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Freelance Food Photography In Your City!

Kodakit is looking for enthusiastic, freelance photographers in your city with a technical understanding of photography and ability to follow a brief.Type of photography:Food photography - 1 to 3 hours per photoshoot (based on project size)What we’re looking for:Freelance photographer with gear: portable flash, diffuser, reflectorCarry out photoshoots based on the briefs, with an understanding of specific client requestsPast experience with food and product photographyWhat you get:Work on your own time - You accept up to 3-5 photoshoots a day,…
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Hand Written Scripts Detection System Using Raspberry Pi

i will browse photo of hand written page in Chinese , japanese pportugesearabic vietnamese , thai, malay, sinhala language.. i wil write only 1 or 2 lines in that page but multi language can used, system detect its script and show script name. i need project in raspberry pi.
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I Need Arduino Programmer With Matlab Or Opencv. Image Processing Project.

My concept is detect the image from my laptop then according to output 3 Nos. X, Y, Z. Directionstepper motor will run.I have 3 stepper motor with drive set. Just i need to programme and connect thearduino mega and my laptop as a image processor
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I Need Help In Zernike Moments Matlab Code For Block Sized Image For Facial Recognition.

I am working in Face recognition. I need help in matlab implementation of Zernike and Pseudo Zernike moments for block sized image (before applying moments, need to block size the image and apply moments and finally into classifier)
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I Needed A New Image Filter For Noisy Image With Accuracy Approx 95 Percent

I needed a new image filter for noisy image with accuracy approx 95 percent. I am doing research work in image processing. I needed to create image filter for noisy image. This new image filteraccuracy should be at least 95 %.use: MATLAB language. (.m file )For example :for c = 1 : 3 filter_image(:, :, c) = medfilt2(noisy_image(:, :, c), [3, 3]);endThis is inbuilt image filter for noisy image. its a accuracy is approx 90-92%.or i can say in these…
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MATLAB And C Development Support

Primary responsibility will be to support implementation of MATLAB and C/C++ environment for calling external C/C++ functions. Includes setup of Visual Studio environment with OpenCV. Additional tasks will involve image processing and some artificial intelligence development.
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Needed An Immediate C Programmer To Complete A C Assignment

Needed a c programmer to complete a C assignment and write a description within 8 hours from nowNote: Only Full time freelancer can complete the task so please make proposals only if you are a full-time freelancer
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Photographs Of The Mountains Of The Valley Of The Queens In Egypt

We need to create a panoramic picture of the mountains of the valley of the queens. 4 meter tall and 8 meters wide. In order to do that we need someone to make a series of photographies with big resolutions of these mountains so we can stich them together and print the result for sticking it on a wall. I will explain more detailed what we need to the person interested. We would need the pictures the first quarter of…
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Python & OpenCV Image Processing

Write a function which outputs all shapes in the input image as two-tone outputs, with a colored outline (the border) and a colored interior (the font colour). Your function should take the formimg_out = Question_a(img_in, thick, border_colour, font_colour), where img_out is an RGB image containing the function output img_in is a grayscale image with dark text or shapes on a white background thick is an integer parameter specifying the thickness of the border in pixels border colour is a 3-tuple…
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Tracking Pedestrians And Cyclists In A Public Space

I am using a 3D stereo-vision camera (Zed camera) to observe the public spaces consisting of both cyclists and pedestrians in the same space. For this, available models like Faster-RCNN, YOLO can be used for object identification and classification of pedestrians and cyclists. For tagging, tracking and extracting 3D coordinates of motion with each time-step, SORT algorithm can be used.The end goal is to display trajectories of each agent in a 2D plane. A much detailed information will be provided…
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Waste Management Project

We are working with GOI on a project to manage waste in india. We are putting reverse vending machines wherein a user gets reward for garbage dispensed in the machines. It is an IOT based system with machine learning and image processing. Will be needing pythin expert for the same.Please connect
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We Are Looking For Professionals For Image Processing For Cars

we are a professional company for the vehicle image processing. we are looking for professionals with experience who already know the image processing for vehicles.We pay a monthly basic salary with commission.Monthly Salary from 200 USD - 450USDplus commissionYou work on our system GAD24 there you will receive the orders and send them back to us.If you are interested, please contact us by email
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