ICO Landingpage - Blockchain - Smart Contract - Whitepaper

Hi, I need a gifted talent or a team.
Things to do:- ICO contract solidity- ICO landing page with progress etc.- ICO multi-currency- ICO backend to distribute the tokens on the wallets- Pre and crowdsale- Whitepaper, technically tuned to my projectDesign and execution must comply with today's standard.
I will deliver all further details.
Tags: Website Design, Javascript


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Looking To Calculate FBA Fee

I am looking to find FBA fee(using ASIN) from this URLhttps://sellercentral.amazon.com/fba/profitabilitycalculator/index?lang=en_CA. using an APISteps to follow:-1. Use ASIN no to find Product2. Get Price of the product3. Use price to get Profit and marginI am only looking to get this done Using Javascript, Need a function that will take a parameter(ASIN) and return Profit and Margin
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Java trainer for part time training work (only training).Front end :HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, Angular 4, React, AjaxBackend:JSP, servlets, EJB, application server, Spring, strutsPayment: as per experience/capability/scopeTraining mode: class room (privation tuitioninPune) or online (web based)Days : MON to FRI morning or late eveningsideal candidate shd be able to provide hands-on support for labs and have a good set of labs. Should be certified in the latest version of Java.
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