I Need An Electronic Circuit Similar To A Wireless Charger

I would like to order creating two trial sets to check if they work properly, namely – a short-distance power receiver and transmitter.
Receiving coil should have the max. external diameter of 150mm, whereas the transmitting coil may be bigger if it ensures sending power for longer distances.
Its max dimension should be 25 cm.
Transmitting coil will be powered with a power supply specified by the executor.
The receiver will consume 2W, 12v.
Below in attache, there is a movie clip presenting all the required elements, but in a language that will probably be impossible to decode :)The cover will be made out from 1mm plexi, but we will be responsible for that.
The receiver will be separated from the transmitter with an 18 mm chipboard.
The distance we would like the system to operate would be 4 cm at least while taking into account the board (so the obstacles will be said board and 2mm of plexi).
The transmitting coil may be bigger because it would be great for the receiver not to work at one set point only.
There should be the possibility of moving it +- 10 cm.
If the two initial prototypes are operational, the next order will be for 50 sets.
Tags: Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics


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