I Need A Windows Software For Virtual RS232 Serial Bus Data Emulator

Respected TruelancersI need a software which can be used to manipulate the data received from my company'sweighbridge.
Let me try to explain the work by following points:-1.
I have a digital weigh sensor powered 100 Ton.
It has a Digital Weighing Indicator.3.
It is connected to PC by RS232 cable.4.
A software in PC catches its data to show the weight.5.
I want you to create a software which can make a virtual RS232 serial port in PC.6.
So that i can put the weight as per my requirement.
This software is very simple who knows basic serial data bits programming.
I will provide the data sniffer file if you want to understand the bits which are being received by PC.
If you have any question please do not hesitate to ask in Dm.
Tags: Windows, Application Programming


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