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Course Curriculum Design For Computer Institute Which Can Used For Brochure And Web Site

i m looking for a person who can design detailed course content for computer institute for all below mention subjectsservices offered A) summer internship and industrial training modules for College students and industry professionals in1. python2. data science with python 3. data science with R4. machine learning 5. deep learning / artificial intelligence 4. Java5. .net6. c7. c++8. Android/ios9. data structures with c++10. mean stack11. django12. hadoopteach by industry experts with more than 10 years of relevant experience B) subject…
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Credit Card Fraud Detection System

Problem StatementImagine you are working for a leading credit card company called‘Cred Financials’. The company continuously monitors its customers’ credit card transactions, be it in any part of the world, to discover and dismissfraudulent ones. The company also has a strong support team to address customer issues and queries.Credit card fraudis defined asa form of identity theft in which an individual uses someone else’s credit card information to make purchases or to withdraw funds from the account.The incidences of such…
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Freelancer | BigData/Hadoop Experts

Looking for engineers/experts to mentor and interview job seekers in the BigData/Hadoop domain. This is a time-flexible, location independent undertaking requiring about 5-10 hours per week. Ideal experience requirement is between 3-10 years of work experience. We pay per session/interview.This will be an on-going assignment.
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Hadoop Work Help Needed

Assignment 2==============1. Download the zip file from the following location & move it to your Hadoop environment.Place this data under /LDZ/data/ in Hadoop The above is an archive of data online forum for technicalquestions & answers).3. Build a data warehouse (location:/DWZ) with data partitioned based on Creation Date andthen Post Type.4. Once your data has been moved to the warehouse, find out the following:- What are the top 10 most answered questions in Stack Overflow posts for a particular…
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I Need Big Data Developer - Hadoop , Spark ,Python

Design and development around Apache SPARK, Python and Hadoop Framework.Extensive usage and experience with RDD and Data Frames with in Spark.Extensive experience with data analytics and working knowledge of big data infrastructure such as various Hadoop Ecosystems like HDFS, Hive, Spark etc.Should be working with gigabytes/terabytes of data and must understand the challenges of transforming and enriching such large datasets.Provide effective solutions to address the business problems strategic and tactical.Collaborate with other technology teams and architects to define and develop…
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Looking For A Job Support For ETL BDE Developer Role

Job Title: ETL BDE Developer.Reqs: Cloudera HadoopData Lake is HiveFile Format is ParquetUsing Perl ScriptBDM engine is BlazeHive data to see HueUsing Putty and WinSCPGood in problem solving and trouble shooting issues in BDM.
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Map- Reduce Using Hadoop Tool

Apply Map- Reduce using Hadoop tool to implement Big Data Analysis (You should google for your data which should in terms of Gigabytes). Your project should include at least two of the following operations:-1.Summarization Patterns.2.Filtering Patterns.3.Data Organization pattern.4.Join Pattern.5.Met patterns.
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Need Help From Hadoop Developer To Fix Sqoop Tool

Hi need help to fix a bug during sqoop installation.So I want any hadoop expert who can verify my installationproperly and fix sqoop toolI have well installed Sqoop it doesn't work properly.Thanks for your help
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