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Google Apps Script Function For Speech2Text Via Google Cloud Speech-to-Text

Function must be use GoogleCloud Speech-to-Text and return transcribe of first XX seconds of source file (located on Google Drive)Function will be used inside Google Apps Script than save attached MP3 files to google drive:function GmailToDrive(){ var query = 'in:inbox filename:mp3'; var threads =; var label = getGmailLabel_(labelName); var parentFolder; var RecognizeText; if(threads.length > 0){ parentFolder = getFolder_(folderName); } var root = DriveApp.getRootFolder(); for(var i in threads){ var mesgs = threads[i].getMessages(); for(var j in mesgs){ //get attachments var attachments…
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I Need A Personal Assistant

I need a personal assistant to help me with the following:. keep note of tasks and people they are assigned to, follow up with them, report to me the status and goad them to complete their tasks. send calendar invites, Zoom invites etc. track accounting basics such as getting monthly bank statements, returns, invoices etc. follow with tasks assigned to outside people / vendors. do data entry / collection as and when requiredI want to engage only those who have…
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Solve An Issue With Google Apps Script

I have a Google apps script it's working properly but when I shared it with someone else it says "You do not have permission to call showModalDialog"I know it's auth issue, But how do solve it.I will pay Rs.500 to solve it.
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