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Content Writer For Flask Tutorial Series

Looking for a content writer to write lessoncontents for Python's Flask Framework. This set of lessons could be centeredaround a couple of projects that will introduce the Flask and it's core concepts, while making it enjoyable for the viewers. We want to include all of the core concepts, so this set of lessons should be comprehensive. I have a couple of ideas for projects.We will need to included deployment (Heroku etc) as well asslight intro to databases for querying as…
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Content Writer For Python Flask Tutorial Series Video Series

Looking for a content writer to write the lesson content for Python's Flask Framework.This set of lessons could be centered around a couple of projects that will introduce the Flask and it's core concepts.We want to include all of the core concepts, so this set of lessons should be comprehensive andwill be aimed at beginners who don't have much web development experience.They will all have Python experience. I have a couple of ideas for projects, which we can discuss.We will…
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Deploy A Flask Application With Selenium In Lightsail

I have a Flask application, built in python3, that works locally on Linux (Ubuntu 18) in the flask server.I need to deploy it to AWS Lightsail, configured with Ubuntu 18.04, python 3.6, Nginx as proxy server and gunicorn or apache as server. The application must use chromedriver in headless mode and it does webscrap in sites with SSL (https protocol).I need a .sh script to build this configuration and deploy the application to work under the above conditions.
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I Need A Web Application To Search Specific Sites Via Selenium Or Requests

After login, users will provide an id number in a form and the app needs to login in one webpage andfill one form to make one query using selenium or requests and read the results. Results should be written to a db and the user should receive an answer about the query made.The front end should be in Flask and the application should be hosted in the cloud (e.g. AWS)
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New Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle Design

We need to find designers preferably have experiences of product development, the company has a new project selling reusable water bottles, thus we would need to create a brand new bottle design including the shape, the graphics on the bottle and different bottle accessories like silicon handle attached for carrying and lid options. The main thing here is to really focus on creating a new shape, it needs to be taken to manufacturing process eventually. We have attached 4 groups…
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Overview/Strategy For Using Flask Application Builder To Replace PHPRunner

Enable replacing each feature, including Dynamic Permissions.I can show you the PHPRunner way in a Zoom Conference, and you can see, and think about the equivalent functionality in FAB.Please also list Pros and Cons - seems that having source code si a huge Pro, as is Python, SQLAlchemy, and the whole stack.Default database backend will be MySQL. What would be required in order to switch to PostgreSQL?
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Python Flask Apache Error Validators

I use flask blueprints and currently even though I have error pages, the file I have doesn't catch the apache internal server errors. I want my current code to be refactored to catch internal server errors that arise during user registration. The main culprit is user inputting something else in the area_code field or inputting area_code and phone numbers in the same mobile phone field. I need some kind of validation function to stop these errors from happening. I…
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Recruitment Tracking Software

We are working on a recruitment tracking software for which we need freelancers to work on.Skills and expertise required are python flask,bootstrap,html,css,javascript.Candidates with expertise in JQuery is preferred more.
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Resource Management Web Application Using Python/Flask

Hi ,I have some requirement related to resource management portal on windows. The process goes in following way:First Page:1. Select Project, domain, roleSecond Page:2. Dashboard of resource usage along with Form to fill for the resources.Third Page:Form with particular requirements , so that the dashboard could be generateI can explain more details as per further discussion
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Simple Singlepage WebApp

Hi, I need a simple singlepage webApp with backend flask, frontend vue.js and database postgreSQL. It's a CRUD webapp, just to add, get, update and delete data from the database. A simple dashboard with login and just the admin can register clients.
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