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FPGA 1Gbps Ethernet Cyclone IV

Hi, I am looking for an experienced FPGA developer who has already worked and developed a FPGA 1Gbps ethernet Cyclone IV in the past.Please do not hesitate contacting me for more detailsWe could arrange for a detailed project description
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Vhdl And FPGA Development

Hello, this is the task:"first task will be to use the xtal oscillator board that I designed and that works, together with the FPGA to read the GPS data and then synchronise the 40 MHz Voltage Controlled Xtal oscillator to the 1 second pulse produced by the GPS. That is called a frequency loacked loop. We will talk about the details of that on Monday.I have attached the schematic for the PCB of the board you have. U3 is a…
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Zynq 7020 Schematics Verification

Schematics checking-Zynq7020 connection-1GB RAM on PL (For post post process)-1GB RAM on PS-Network PHY RTL8211E-VL-USB PHYUSB3320-Run and Boot OS Via QSPIMT25QL256ABA-SD Card-Check on the power regulator boot up sequence.Suggesting- where and which bank/emio to connect the SFP fiber optic. Prefer no using additional dedicated PHY. SGMII will be great.Components value checking
Full Description of Zynq 7020 Schematics Verification


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