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Advance Excel Expert [Read Description Carefully]

I'm looking for an Excel Expert for Long Term Basis who knows MACROS, VBA, CHART and all Formula's. I will create every Project individually as per my Budget. I'm looking for those who can talk on call or what's app. I will select only 1-2 Freelancers if you mention about your skills and samples in your Proposal. Without Skills and Samples your Proposal will be Rejected. Preferable Indian Freelancers.
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Automate Import Data From Web To Excel

I need to automate import of data from website into excel and perform some analysis on that data. the link from which data is to be importedis an internal company link which can't be shared here, so need the code with default URL which can be replaced with my internal website link. It will be used everyday and should be able to import data with a click of a button. Thanks
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Automation Excel Process

This project is all about automation. I have different report coming from different source and in different format. I need automation which will map, consolidate everything in one single excel sheet. However all report doesn’t have anything in common. We will have to define the criteria so that script will pick up information only as per the criteria set.
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Billing System For A Food Processing Plant

The entity leases its premises,machinery to exporters for processing and storage of food products.The Tenents are billed both a fixedamount and also a variable amount based on usage.The variable billing amounts arecalculated based on usage captured from the electricity meter readings.The project will be to createscreens to capture daily usage of the machinery and to calculate the monthlyfixed and variable costs to produce the monthly bill.Reports to show usage by month,variance across months and periodic maintenance schedule for equipmentPlant Performance…
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Consolidation Of Different Files Of Excel Into One Excel File By Using Macros An Design The Page

I would like to do some project which is related to Excel VBA. In this I have a data like different Customer details, customer contract products, services and previous project and so on. I'm Planning to dump all these Excel files into one Excel file by using Excel VBA or Macros by searching the depended drop down method and design the excel into good looking. So I need the help to complete the project. If you have a good knowledge…
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Create Excel Software Calculators

I have range of excel calculators which i would like to create as a software. All calculators to be integrated as one software. Software to be user friendly and nice UI experience
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Database Analyst

I can do excel vba and c# programming, I can handle a MySql jobs and a data entry jobs as well.
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Enter Addresses In Spreadsheet

Copy addresses from Google maps to a Google drive spreadsheet, then copy to a to visually keep track of what's been added to the spreadsheet. Simple detailed instructions will be given on a document. Total between 3000 and 5000 addresses, all in the same town in Australia. All relevant files will be shared to you through Google drive, so you need a Gmail address.
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Excel Formula VBA Macro

Excel expert here to finish your excel projects, no matter how big or small. advanced user of Microsoft Excel with years of experience in modelling, creating dashboards, VBA, data analysis
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Excel Formulas And VBA Coding

Need immediate help creating an automated excel model using advanced formulas and VBA scripting. Work will also include creating an easy to use dashboard to get inputs as well as an output dashboard to show graphs, pivot tables etc. This will be based on an input sheet and raw data sheet containing detailed #s for each of the markets
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Excel Spreadsheet - First Name/Last Name Comma Removed(only US)

I have four spreadsheets (csv) that have the first name thena comma, then the last name in the same cell. I need the first name, and thelast name is taken from one cell and added to individual cells under two newcolumns called "first name" "last name"
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Excel VBA Application Needed

Hello,This is a private offer, I just want my professional work to be more effective and pleasant.I need a user-friendly system based on Excel which enables an efficient way of managing schools exams' administration.Main features will include:- Adding and modifying new entries (learners' details) for an exam,- Assigning serial numbers for each learner's exam session of various subjects and/or components,- Inputting exams' results,- Creating a few reports (ie. labels for exam papers, a list of students per teacher, etc.),- Importing…
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Excel VBA - Fix QueryTables Issue

I need a long term highly skilled Excel VBA developer.First task is to fix a query string issue. Following function gives error related to formula.Please apply if you have worked with QueryTables before and you are sure that you can fix this.I will provide macro file once I see some confidence in you and also assign project.Sub downloaddata() On Error GoTo ErrOccured strEndYr = Trim(Str(Year(Sheets("Main").Range("L1").Value))) strStartYr = Trim(Str(Year(Sheets("Main").Range("L3").Value))) strEndDt = Trim(Str(Day(Sheets("Main").Range("L1").Value))) strStartDt = Trim(Str(Day(Sheets("Main").Range("L3").Value))) strEndMo = Trim(Str(Month(Sheets("Main").Range("L1").Value) - 1)) strStartMo…
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Excel VBA Programming / Macro

YouTube link is the kind of macro I need to make. I will use this to create proforma invoice , packing list and other reports for this company - example : discuss the exact requirement when i finalize the Freelancer.
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Expert In Macros Excel

I have a excel sheet with 5 columns. There is a main column for finding a product name and another column for finding an attribute related to this product. I Need an export button too so It can export the search data into another excel sheet. It needs to be done through Macro.
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