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Automate Import Data From Web To Excel

I need to automate import of data from website into excel and perform some analysis on that data. the link from which data is to be importedis an internal company link which can't be shared here, so need the code with default URL which can be replaced with my internal website link. It will be used everyday and should be able to import data with a click of a button. Thanks
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Consolidation Of Different Files Of Excel Into One Excel File By Using Macros An Design The Page

I would like to do some project which is related to Excel VBA. In this I have a data like different Customer details, customer contract products, services and previous project and so on. I'm Planning to dump all these Excel files into one Excel file by using Excel VBA or Macros by searching the depended drop down method and design the excel into good looking. So I need the help to complete the project. If you have a good knowledge…
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Excel Formula VBA Macro

Excel expert here to finish your excel projects, no matter how big or small. advanced user of Microsoft Excel with years of experience in modelling, creating dashboards, VBA, data analysis
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Excel Spreadsheet - First Name/Last Name Comma Removed(only US)

I have four spreadsheets (csv) that have the first name thena comma, then the last name in the same cell. I need the first name, and thelast name is taken from one cell and added to individual cells under two newcolumns called "first name" "last name"
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Excel VBA Programming / Macro

YouTube link is the kind of macro I need to make. I will use this to create proforma invoice , packing list and other reports for this company - example : discuss the exact requirement when i finalize the Freelancer.
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I Need A VBA Program To Extract OLE Objects From Excel

I have an Excel File which has PDF Objects Embedded in it.I need VBA program to extract all the embedded PDF Files to folder or Zip without changing the filename of the embedded object.I have attached an example file with embedding.
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I Need Excel Macro To Output My Excel Data To Text Files

I have sets of data that we use to compute repetitively in excel, then need to generate list of multiple text files for our other usage. I need macro in excel that can easily generate the text files from our compute data.
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I Need Help With VBA/Macro Coding For Excel Project

I need VBA code developed which will when given a number search startingfor that number from the top of a number list down, and find each instance of that number. When it finds that number it will return the first number directly below it, or if I choose, return the first and second numbers below it or 1st, 2nd and 3rd numbers below it. Then Continue down the list finding the next instance and return the numbers below that next…
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I Need Someone To Write Me A Code In Excel VBA

So I have an excel sheet, which has specific data in each column. I want to be able to loop through each column, and output it in another excel sheet in a specific template. This would run for approx 500+ rows, for over 6+ columns.For ie: Column A, Row 1 would loop and would output it in another excel sheet, in Column A, Row 1+2 (merged cells), and then Column B Row 1, would be in Column B, Row 1+2,…
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I Need To Create An Automated Excel Vba Macro For Creating Roster

We have 35 staff who has various skills and expertise and can do different levels of activities. I need to create an automated Roster which can autopopulate once I give you the rules for each staff. I should be able to incorporate leaves as well.
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Looking For An Excel VBA Coding Expert

I'm looking for an Expert who are experienced in VBA Coding.A formula to copy data from live websites and populate an Excel spreadsheet.The website changes daily.The website is: with a specific meeting and date eg number (133909) changes daily, depending on the race meeting. I would need to enter this information.
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Macro Excel VBA Expert Who Can Put Together A Complex Workbook For My Retail Stores

I am looking for an expert in Excel Macro development, not sure if VBA is necessary, but here is the project details:I receive multiple different excel spreadsheets which carry information from my wholesaler. I (middleman) am responsible for properly documenting who receives what, at what time, and for what costs. Currently I use a manual bookkeeping protocol where one of my employees types in the relevant information into QuickBooks, which is then printed and sent as invoices to our customers.I…
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Read, Store And Compare A USB Fingerprint Scanner Image In Real Time From Within An Excel Worksheet.

Two Excel worksheets. The first will scan in real time a customer's fingerprint and saves itto disk, using a USB Fingerprint Scanner. The second sheet will again scan the fingerprint of a customer and compare it with saved fingerprint images to find a match.The Excel programming must be Visual Basics within excel. I don't have an SDK for the scanner.
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Two List Of Attorneysonly US

I need to have list of Estate Attorneys and a list ofBankruptcy in Maryland from the following counties, Montgomery County, HowardCounty, Prince Georges County, Frederick County and Anne Arundel County.Compile a list , remove any duplicates and send them to me in a excel spreadsheet. .. The Columns for the excel spread sheet should be: Company Name, FirstName, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Website, Email. ThankYou,
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University Project: Stock Analyzer

This project is a university related submission and we need help with the editing of the actual code. We already have a code which is fully functional, however, we need to change this code such as all the variable names, comments explaining the code and the wordings of the actual code itself as well. We are second year students so we want a basic code with minor changes, not too drastic.This is our friend's code for a project and we…
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