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Combine And Miniaturized Circuit Design To Be Made Into Printed Pcb Board

Hi there, I am from Malaysia, looking for someone that have ability to design printed pcb board and miniaturized the saiz , now i am developing my project using arduino and sensor but need expert to combine the circuit into single board and miniaturize the saiz
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Embedded System Project : Programming A Microcontroller Deliverable In 2 Days

This project is to examine the knowledge of programming a microcontrollerfor basic input/output. You are required to write programs to read inputvalues from switches, a touch pad, and take command strings from a PC via theUART and to display sequences on LEDs.Knowledgeof the available development tools are also examined where you areasked to demonstrate their programs on a microcontroller and test.Only the programming part is required and not the report or hardware development. PFA details.
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Pcb Designing Of Tablet Device

we are looking for PCB design of tablet device.Problem Statement:What we expect from you?Is the much needed technical design and advice in choosing the right parameters of the device (tablet) that supports the project objectives and functionalities we plan to offer.Action items:- Define the requirement specific to our use case.- Need to list out all the components that are required for a tablet device.- Design of skull.- Specification of components.- Design of PCB- Assembler of componentsand make or assemble them…
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RF Electronic Engineer

I need a RF Electronic engineer, with good knowledge of RF Power amplifying 1.8Mhz to 50MhzThe project is to create a Linear Power amplifier for RF using MOSFET Transistors.Need to create a Low Band Pass Filter to Match some standards required.3 prototypes fully functional needs to be createddrawings and technical instructions for mass productiondetailed control and testes that need to be done in order to guarantee that all devices come out with the same quality standards.We will accept only offers…
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Wireless Charger For Smart Phone Android And Apple

We are looking for professional and expert engineer for design the wireless charger for smart phone specially for Android and Apple with the following specification.1. The RF usedfortransmitter and receiver design should not effect the human body.2.Required max coverage range (50 meter, 100 meter and so on)for charger by ensure that the output power does not effect the human body.3.The designed receiver must be compact in size and connected to the USB port of Mobile phone.4.When charger was not in…
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