Data ingestion/cleaning system using the publish-subscribe design pattern in Python.

Task/Problem Description:

I have the data producer (module [url removed, login to view] and function get_data) that produces two types of football data: play-by-play and tracking. The play-by-play is a dictionary, and I'd like you to do some error checking, cleaning, and reformatting.

- Rename all camel case field names and sub-field (nested) names with underscores ("playStartTimestamp" becomes "play_start_timestamp").

- Replace all camel case event names (values of the elements in the "events" list with field name "event") with underscore notation ("offensiveFormation" to "offensive_formation").

- Check that all elements of the list "events" occur before or at the play end time and after or at the play start time. If not true, log it and remove the event from the list.

- Remove events "playStart", "reviewStatus", "play_submit", and "playType" by checking the value of field "event" in the "events" list.

- When a field or subfield name is an ID, for example "play_id", capitalize "id" to "ID".

- If any fields are not as you expect, log it.

The second type of data is raw tracking location. This comes in the form of a list of lists. Each element in the top-level list corresponds to a single measurement of the location of a single entity (player, referee, object on the field). The sub-list contains the entity identifier, two location coordinates x and y, and a timestamp.

[// ID x y t

[41021, 10.1, 121.111, 1445559932.34],

['pylon-1', 100, 120, 1445559932.39],

[1034151, 100, 120, 1445559933.11],



Please reformat it as:


ID: {'x': [...], 'y': [...], 't': [...]},



Both data types are prone to problems that I'd like you to try to correct, when possible. If there are cases when you can't clean the data, please log the bad data when the code encounters it.

After performing these transformations, publish the resulting data to two subscribers that simply write the data to JSON files. One subscriber is for play-by-play data and the other subscriber is for tracking data. You may use libraries, but do not use messaging libraries such as zmq.

I will provided you with the code for the data producers along witht JSON files for Play by play and tracking. If you have anu doubts regarding this you can reach me on mail.

Please send me back the code and the screenshots of the output. You can provide this explanation as comments in the code or as a separate document.

Tags: Linux, Python
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