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Coffee Chemistry Studies

We have a high-altitude, shade grown Costa Rica coffee which has “cupped” (scored) in the 80s on a 100 scale, or, in 2018, over 8 on the new 10 point scale. Both of these are in the range called “excellent”, with over 90 or 9 being rare, and almost always being sold at auction like art. This coffee is better than most people have ever drunk.However, we are trying to improve. We think that there may be some combination of…
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Content Writer For Python Matplotlib Tutorial Series Video Series

Looking for a content writer to write lesson contentsfor Python's Matplotlib Framework.This set of lessons should be comprehensive covering mostof Maplotlib's common usage features.(3d plots, grid plots, real-times plots are some of the lessons that should be included)If you have experience working with Matplotlib even better, as you will be aware of what aspects are must-learn for those aspiring to get into Data Science.These works must not be direct copies from other's blogs.The examples should be unique, and created by…
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Course Curriculum Design For Computer Institute Which Can Used For Brochure And Web Site

i m looking for a person who can design detailed course content for computer institute for all below mention subjectsservices offered A) summer internship and industrial training modules for College students and industry professionals in1. python2. data science with python 3. data science with R4. machine learning 5. deep learning / artificial intelligence 4. Java5. .net6. c7. c++8. Android/ios9. data structures with c++10. mean stack11. django12. hadoopteach by industry experts with more than 10 years of relevant experience B) subject…
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Data Entry, Accounting & Consulting, Data Science And Analysis, Writing, Sale And Marketing, Admin S

I can do data entry in very efficient manner as well as accounting job also. In data entry error finding , typing and in accounting journal entries, leaders, profit and loss statement and balance sheet, income and expenditure. Admin support and customer service I have good experience.
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Data Entry And Data Science

I have diploma in computer scienceand data science i need a part time time job like as data entry and other type in software field
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Data Science/ML/NLP Process To Compare, Differentiate, And Recommend Database Tables

Plan, with demo, of the Subject - Say there are 5 apps which have a Contacts table in their database, but the fields, clearly have different names, and one might even be called People or something like that.To produce some kind of graphic about which fields are equivalent, and common, and which tables have some uniqueness.Idea is to enable construction of the ideal database schema by choosing the best features from several variants.
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Financial Planning

Duties and Responsibilities: The job will include, without limitation, the following responsibilities. Note the duties may be altered from time to time in the sole and absolute discretion of Cboe Global Markets. Conduct detailed quantitative and statistical analyses both independently and at the direction of the Markets Strategy and vertical business groups. Nature of such analyses would include but not limit to the below: Extract actionable insights from Cboe’s vast order and trade data Assess effectiveness and impact resulting from…
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I Need A Python Data Science Notebook

I need a python data science notebook utilizing some usual statistical methods like xgboost, and few others. It should have explanatory graphs which can show the analysis in choosing the algorithms. Please apply by stating what data set and problem you would like to work on. You can use a dataset from Kaggle but something recent would be preferred rather than usual problems like house price etc. If you have an already prepared notebook, you can reuse code, but make…
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Looking For Python Pandas Tutor To Help With Data Wrangling Of Titanic Dataset

I am working through the Kaggle Titanic Dataset via Pandas, and while I know the basics of Pandas I am struggling withdata manipulation of certain columns.This person should have a strong foundation in Pandas.I am paying $4 per hour.Thank you.
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Need A Data Science Tutor For Explanatory Data Analysis, Regression On Prices Using Python

The topic is house price regression. I need tutoring understanding how to use pandas for the data aspects, and xgboost/lasso/random forest regression for prediction. we will have to go through some python notebooks for this.
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Need Content Writers To Write Articles For A Tech Blog On Google Analytics

*PLEASE READ TILL END BEFORE SENDING PROPOSAL*Brief:I run a website called I want to help people learn more about Data Analytics and Google Analytics. I need someone who is willing to write 8 articles for my blog, Content for website's pages.Payment: USD 50 for 8 articles. Each article is 750+ wordsThe content should be fresh and should be free of grammatical errors.You will be required to write about 2-5 articles per weekNo Plagiarism, No copyingthe Titles and the focus…
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Need Help With Academic Statistics Exercises

Need help with finishing two online courses about Basic Statistics and Inferential Statistics.Should be pretty easy to those familiar with R,statistics and data scienceWorkload: two R exercises, plus 20-30 Multiple Choice Questions.- I onlyhave PayPal. Please kindly suggest other payment methods without expensivefees- You have to finish all tasksin a month (from June-August)- Presumably, you are supposedto log into my account to finish the work but it'salso fine if you justemail me the answers (maybe better this way)-more details available…
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Need Someone To Explain Some Data Science Concepts And Notebooks In Pandas

Work with me through some notebooks on data science. The current subject is predicting house prices, and these notebooks involve explanatory data analysis using libraries like pandas, seaborn for visualization. Techniques such as random forest regression, xgboost, lasso and stacking.the idea is to discuss and understand these notebooks, as well as help me with some concepts in pandas.
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PRoduct Data Analyst

Responsibilities Use data and analytics to routinely answer questions on user behavior, including ad-hoc questions, project support, and trend investigation Routinely monitor product, financial, marketing, community, and trust & safety metrics for trends, changes, or unexpected behavior Own investigation and communication of any trends to identify root cause and recommend appropriate follow up actions Translate metrics, investigations, and findings to tangible business outcomes, such as shifts in real member behavior Provide recommendations on approach to answer ad-hoc analytics questions, as…
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Project Description-Data Science- Clustering Techniques

Electricity Smart meter Data Set Contains Residential Pre-trial and Post-Trial survey.analyze the key feature of the data set by using clustering technology. please ping me-8754709081. Looking for Data Science Freelancer?
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