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Analytics And Reports - Power BI Type Reporting

We have a database and require reports and analysis tool for that data. This is sales data from a POS system that is loaded onto the Web.We are looking for someone that can get to know our system and requirements and can continually support our requirement
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Data Analytics ORACLE CRM REPORT AND EXCEL Charts, Graphs Data Analysis

Excel help today. analysis of data provided. Data is exported from Oracle CRM online db. Knowledge of Oracle CRM helpful but not required.full details to be included. I'll work with you to get it right. data is exported from Oravle. Oracle knowledge helpful but not required.
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Data Analyzing Expert

I am looking for a data analyst who can analyze a bunch of data in the Google Sheet and forecast the result in the form of charts, text result on G-Sheets.*I am only looking for Indian freelancers.*While applying, Please share the relevant experience.*Don't just copy and paste the proposal.Thanks
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I Need Big Data Developer - Hadoop , Spark ,Python

Design and development around Apache SPARK, Python and Hadoop Framework.Extensive usage and experience with RDD and Data Frames with in Spark.Extensive experience with data analytics and working knowledge of big data infrastructure such as various Hadoop Ecosystems like HDFS, Hive, Spark etc.Should be working with gigabytes/terabytes of data and must understand the challenges of transforming and enriching such large datasets.Provide effective solutions to address the business problems strategic and tactical.Collaborate with other technology teams and architects to define and develop…
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IBM Watson Assistant Chatbot App

I am looking for a developer with experiences developing IBM Watson apps. The need is for a chatbot assistant with the following functionality - advanced search through scientific literature (pdf files stored locally and in the cloud; Kindle books and other local sources; online sources such as Google Scholar, Libraries; internet in general) - identification of the most relevant sources, search through the text, keyword search, boolean operators - ability to machine learn by reading through the texts and to…
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Industrial IoT Projects For Energy Management, Quality Control

Need an expert for developing industrial IoT projects like energy management, quality control, waste management, maintenance control, etc, using sensors, micro-controller, and related devices.
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Looking For BI Specialist For 2 Months Assignment

Position: BI Specialist Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree/BI certifications desirable Experience: 2-3 years Location: Pune Skills: BI, Excel, SQL Responsibilities: 1. Develop effective business intelligence strategies & analytics solutions. 2. Identify trends & opportunities for growth through analysis of complex data sets 3. Apply statistics & data modeling to gain actionable business insights & create comprehensive reports 4. Collect, clean & transform data from internal operating sources for Business Intelligence. 5. Overhaul & transform Excel reports & seek to automate & leverage…
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Market Research Project Manager

POSITION OVERVIEW: The Senior Market Research Project Manager is responsible for completing research projects from start to finish and providing actionable insights to help our clients position themselves and their products better in the marketplace. Methodologies include quantitative (online, phone fieldwork) and qualitative (in-depth interviews, focus groups) research. This position requires an ability to organize large amounts of information, understand the story that the data is telling, and the ability to work on multiple projects at once with great attention…
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Neo4j Based Application

looking to build a data analytics app using neo4j community edition. The legacy code is built to read data from relational databases. Additonal code required to map relationships in neo4j for all data from varous connected datasources and output relationship with common profiles based on matching key values. All libraries invlived to be 100% open source. Only expereicned neo4j devs needed for the project.
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Urgent: Data Analytics Report Writing

I need a 40-50 page report on the subject " Case Studies: Why Analytics projects fail?"I will Provide you with an outline on topics covered. You will be required to report case studies and examples under these points. We will work on a timeline of 2 weeks but most of the work will be done in the 4 days. I am looking to hire an experienced analytics professional with a great command over English, writing and presentation.
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VBA Developer Needed For Sales Analysis

I am looking for a smart VBA Developer who is able to develop a program that will allow me to analyze sales and inventory data for the purpose of generating forecast and re-order decisions.InputSales DataInventory position dataOutputSales RankDaily SalesForecast SalesRe-order quantity and datesDispatch quantity and datesThis is a high-level requirements of input and output. More detailed requirements will be provided when I finish selecting the right candidate.What I want from you:You would have worked on similar projects beforeYou have a…
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