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PowerSpike is a technology startup merging influencer marketing with programmatic advertising.
Our technology enables brands like Intuit Quickbooks and Activision Blizzard to launch influencer marketing programs in the esports/gaming space in 4 minutes or less, just like they'd make a media buy.
There's no day to day management of influencers, negotiation, or any heavy lifting - simply tell PowerSpike what you want, and it delivers results.
Our website (The current site design is changing, and will include your assets): goal with this contract job is to add visual identity and interest to the website, to add clear representation of the platform values and tools that it provides.
All assets created by you will be instrumental to the visual design of each page, and should be aesthetically pleasing.
We are requesting static images, but also open to the potential for future animation (i.e. parallax, vector animation).
Total number of assets is 21 (7 above the fold feature images + 2 content section images + 12 minimalistic icons).
The visual style that we are looking for is isometric character/environment art, but we’re open to exploring other styles! The timeframe of this job is up for discussion once we get in contact.
If we decide to work with you, we request that you are able to communicate with us on a regular basis throughout the design/art process.
Given your interest, PowerSpike may also be open to hiring you for other work of the same kind in the future.
We already have a detailed outline that includes information about what assets need to be produced by you, including some rough sketches, references, and specifications.
This will be provided to you once you’ve been selected./-- LegalIf you are selected for this contract work you will be signing a NDA to ensure corporate brand protection and copyright holding.
The assets that your contract job will produce will be owned by PowerSpike Inc.
Tags: Branding, Graphic Design


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