COMSOL Programming / Chemical Engineering

We are looking for a COMSOL programmer contractor to join along-term multi-step project.
Thecandidate must demonstrate proficiency in multi-physics modeling involvingfluid flows and chemical reactions.
Prior fuelcell / battery / electrolyzer modeling is a plus.
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COMSOL Programming / Chemical Enginnering

We are looking for a COMSOL programmer contractor to join along-term multi-step project.Thecandidate must demonstrate proficiency in multi-physics modeling involvingfluid flows and chemical reactions.Prior fuel cell / electrolyzer modeling is a plus.
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I Need To Simulate Induction Brazing Processes For Parametric Studies

induction brazing can be segregate in 1. induction heating 2.solid to liquid phase transformation 3. capillary action 4.liquid to solid phase transformation. I will send you the geometry and other details please assist me to make a coupled simulation covering all these physics.
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Looking For An Expert In Comsol Multiphysics

I need you to build 3d and 2d structure of sillicon carbide mosfet and sillicon mosfet on comsol multiphysics 5.3a and carry out thermal analysis with heatsink . Contact me in [removed] Price can be negotiated.
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Designing A Treatment Chamber For Liquid Treatment. 2D Coaxial Geometry, Electric Field, Temperature

I want to design a mechanical assembly for liquid treatment. Assembly is composed of two coaxial cylinders. Inner cylinder connected with high voltage and outer one connected with ground.the gap between electrodes = 1cmInner electrode dia = 4cmouter electrode dia = 5 cmlength of electrodes = 4 cmthe material of electrodes = stainless steelThe liquid in the gap = waterApplied voltage = 10 kV, 15 kV and 20 kV in pulsating form. pulse width = 2micro seconds, frequency = 100…
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Solving Physics Problems In COMSOL

Hi, I need someone who are expert in COMSOL, and can help me solving different physics problems using COMSOL.The overall topic is Finite Element Method or analysis and the problems to be solved are1) 1D problems like: 1D Scattering Problem -Multilayered Dielectric Mirror + 1D Eigenvalue Problem - Quantum Well + 1D Eigenvalue Problem - Optical Waveguide2) 2D (Extending FEM to 2D + 2D Scattering Problem - Dielectric Cylinder + 2D Eigenvalue Problem - QuantumWire)These are solved in MATLAB but…
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