Code Arduino Mega To Control An LED Matrix

Code Arduino Mega to control an LED matrix. 3mm pitch 3x 36x36 screens connected.
Project times and hourly rate is not fixed.
If the first stage of this project is completed there will be lots more work to come.
Our company is Originbase, we are a product design company in Al Quoz that works with freelancers to design new products for the local market
Tags: Arduino, Digital Electronics


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Existing watchdog software is not satisfying to me for arduino in the long run.for some applications where arduinos are given a tasks and nobody could look after them, I need a library that would be easy to use.
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I need an Arduino Sketch that will allow me to brighten and dim strip(s) of Addressable LEDs (WS2812) over a long period of time.-The amount of time that the dimming and brightening takes place needs to be scalable up to hours.-adjustable delay of length of time while off or full bright-LED color is assignable in RGB value.-The color of the LEDs needs to be maintained across the brightness levels.-LEDs need to smoothly transition from full bright, to full off. (flicker…
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require a programmer to write a code according to given algorithm using interrupts and PWM functionality of STM 32 or STM 8 microcontroller.He/She have to be in NCR or nearby area.cont(act)_(74)171(82)991
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