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Akka / AWS Prototype - Porting Existing Java Code

We have a calculation engine that resembles an actor model. what we need to do is take one calculation and port it to akka to prove the concept. Ideally using a cloud environment AWS. We might want to simulate a load test.
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An APP For ALL Devices

Hi,I'm looking for someone who can write a programm/app which will be compatible for all mobile phones.The programm has to use the camera, the internet, the local drive and the cloud if you would like to use the complete application.The final product will be an app for searching pictures (making or uploading picture) in online shops. The test result will be ordered first to relevance and than for the price. The overview will be a picture of the product, the…
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Audio Recording And Translation

You need to make a callsand record those calls through the zoom cloud applications in laptop,caller must use the laptop to make a calls and the receiver can use the app in mobile.Its a monthly basis project so payment will be given on monthly basis. Monthly target is 40hours of audio recording and translation should be done. We will provide you the topics,on the basis of those topics you have to create your own conversations and should record those calls.…
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Audio Voice Recording In English Of Story 2655 Words

male or female or bothat least some emotion pleasei need it in English but feel free to do it in other languages after if you like 2655 word story called ramgus the small looking for male or female-------- Scene One --------Come around little fungi kids, I will tell you the story of how I defeated Ramgus the Small! Despite his name, he was large. See his people are normally much,…
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Audit And Comliance Issue, Need To Be Work Out Bill Compiling And Excel Summary Making For 2 Years

Need to work out voucher generation and summary excel making and making online cloud sync of data for 2 financial year transactions. It is projected for 10-20 days depending on personal limits
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Backend Developer - Node.js

Responsibilities:·As a Senior Node.js Developer, you will be responsiblefor orchestrating data integration from multiple systems, as well as providingand supporting various functionalities to operations and infrastructure. ·As a part of the backend team you will work towardsdelivering specific milestones and objectives in a very fast pacedenvironment. ·You will be in charge of thefollowing:·End to end Node.js development·Managing cloud based web application on Amazon WebServices·Develop restful JSON web services and APIs·Integration of external systems using custom soapbased third party APIsRequired Skills:·Passionate…
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Backend Pyhton/node.js And Dashboard JS Development

We are looking for NCR (India) based python developer for developing our cloud based SaaS solution for IoT Device management.The online platform will be used by organizations to onboard, manage and monitor their network.Functionality neededUser Management (create/delete)Device configuration managementReal time Dash-boardInterfacing with real time messaging busScalable to handle 1 million devices
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Business Leads Manager, Native Android App, Calendar Based Management Like Dairo , Leader

Application Type: NativeBrief:Business Lead Manager - Manages the business leads received by SMS from different aggregators in an organised manner.Some Similar Apps/Websites: Its is similar to the following apps.1. Dairo - The main flow of the app will be very similar to Dairo , the calendar based assigning of the leads, the different Tag creations, the search.2. Leader - The pop up screen after each incoming call or outgoing call3. Smart Sms - The sms parsing of different sms leads…
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Call Recording And Audio Translating Through The Zoom Cloud Applications.

Urgently needed the call recorders,we will assign the topics you have to make conversation on your own on given topics,each audio should be 15mints. You have to record the calls through the zoom application only. This is a monthly based project,there is some target i.e. you have to complete 40hours of audio on different kind of topics,later translation will be done and it's a fixed monthly salary 10,000(Indian rupees) Only serious candidates can ping me
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Call Recording Through Zoom Cloud Applications And Translation

You need to make a calls and record those calls through the zoom cloud applications in laptop,caller must use the laptop to make a calls and the receiver can use the app in mobile.Its a monthly basis project so payment will be given on monthly basis.We will pay in one shot, Monthly target is 40hours of audio recording and translation should be done. We will provide you the topics,on the basis of those topics you have to create your own…
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Cloud Assisting And Purchasing

I'm a computer programmer for cloud apps.As part of my work, and as a way of developing and improving my app I need cloud services.I'm looking for someone to assist me for a simple purchase of the cloud service, the process is very easy.Please contact me for more information.Thank you
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Cloud Based Distance Learning Application

Project overviewWeb development/AssignmentExpected to be completed byOct 07, 2019Request detailsPre-distance learning sessionThe proposed system should allow:a. The publication of the available courses along with the teachers who are teachingthem, and the allocated time slots.b. The enrolment of the students for the courses they wish to take2.2. Distance learning sessionThe proposed system should allow:a. Notifications to teachers and students when classes startb. Chat room between the teacher and the studentsc. Audio conference between the teacher and the studentsd. Unidirectional video streaming…
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Cloudflare Settings Update

Hello,I have two websites hosted at Godaddy & I need the below things:1. Update the Cloudflare settings in such a way that email would still work with Godaddy2. Update SPF/DKIM setting at Godaady email.I will pay 100 INR for this. Thanks!
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Cloudsim Toolkit Using Java Programming

I want to combine 2 implementation1. makespan timeThey used FCFS algorithm to minimizing the makespan time2. energy consumptionThey used Genetic algorithm to minimizing the energy consumptionand the comparing this algorithm with FCFS algortihmSo now I need to combine this two work into one using cloudsim plus java codingI already have coding of 1st work which is makespan time minimizationNow I need to combine my exsiting work with new one
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Computer Vision Project - Detect Activities

Problem statement: Create a program which can detect:-(a) If a person is smoking. (b) If a person is spitting.It should be an online program, i.e. should be able to able to discern the state as a video is being fed to it.There may be multiple people in the video, the person's face should be highlighted and captured. For (a), the following activities can be thought to constitute smoking:1. Having a lit cigarette.2. Any action that indicates the lighting of a…
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