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Architecture And Civil Engineering Work

i can do structure design and architecture design.A probably all types of civil works in the other architecture designs
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BME7099- Site Surveying Assignment Part 1 & PART 2

Site surveying PART 1Task 1 Volume and area calculationsUsing the example attached DCS/S2/005, determine the areas and volumes using appropriate techniques.Task 2 Two peg testCarry out a two peg test upon an automatic level and estimate any collimation error, suggesting how it could be adjusted.(make it up please as i have not done it at uni)Task 3 Precise levellingUsing precise levelling techniques advise a client if an area of floor is within a tolerance of +/- 2.0mm over a distance…
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BME7227- Geotechnical Engineering Assignment Help

Designing part we will share and will send it to you. You just need to do Report+ CalculationI will do 4 designs and slope software and send it to you. Writing report and showing calculations with the formula will be done by writer right
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Civil Engineering Construction & Structural Drawing By Auto Cad 2d.

I am searching for a part time draughtsman civil job. I m hard working. my qualification is b.a., draughtsman civil, computer software knowledge, auto cad 2d, m.s. word, m.s. excel, etc.water supply pipe line drawing& all construction & structural drawing 7 years experience holder.
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Civil Engineering Coursework Help

2. Coursework report andSubmission Your coursework requires you to workindividually to answer all the questions given in Section 4. Your answersshould be presented in a concise report which should include sufficient detailto explain the methodology you adopted to answer each question. The reportshould be written in Word and include the following: •A list of all the assumptionsyou make to answer each question •The analytical or empiricalmethod you adopt to answer the question and appropriate justification of yourselection (i.e. if there…
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Civil Engineering Design Jobs

I am a civil engineer. The area of my specialization is structural and Environmental Engineering. I am physically fit. Thanks
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Civil Engineering Estimating Project

TERM PROJECT ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION One-Story Single Family House (MAKU Residence)OBJECTIVE AND GENERAL REQUIREMENTSThe objective of the term project assignment is to prepare a Bid Proposal for constructing a one-story single family house (MAKU Residence). Students must approach the assignment from the perspective of a construction contractor attending a bid, and prepare a professional price proposal using their knowledge, skills and common sense.This requires proper efforts with regards to:Reading and understanding plans;Recognizing construction work items;Surveying the quantity for various types of…
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First Year Civil Engineering AutoCAD Assignment

HiAm doing research onmy first year civil engineering AutoCAD assignment andI have been authorised to do my own online research on how to draft a light industrial factory with a central columnand office block as column free area. Please see the attachedPlan view and cross section of the Light Industrial Factory and Office Block In Figure 1 with all the dimensions.Portfolio size: Forsketches: 1 A3 size sheetAutocad Drawings: 3 to 5 A2 size sheets Drawing Scales:The scale for detailing drawings:…
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I Am Looking For A Filipinocivil Engineer Who Estimate The Bill Of Materials For My Gas Station.

The items to be estimated are:1. Structural Works2. Plumbing works3. Electrical Works4. Mechanical Works5. Painting Works6. Sewerage Works7. Electronic WorksWe need a labor and Materials Estimate
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I Need A Steel Structure Engineer, For Our One Project In Sharjah

We have 350 cubic/100 square rooms, which are fabricated with steel. so at the current time we want to make changes into it to increase the carrying capacity of the mezzanine floor. Here we looking few options (steel structure engineers) as we can get best solution.
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Raspberry Pi Musicbox Like Antik Music Box

you have to create a music box with a raspberry pi and rotary encoder, the rotary encoder will be used as a crank, you also need a small dc motor running at the rithm of the's possible to do it all in python , c or another language et methodeyou have to explain all the codes and the procedure followed
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We Are Looking For A Fresh And Original Homepage Design For Our Business

We a need a photoshop designer/wordpress expert who can deliver a user friendly professional and modern design for our homepage.The homepage will provide:1) A graphical illustration of our business function2) An introduction to our business and services.3) A series of graphical links that will channel the user to the section of the site that best matches their needs4) Navigation for accessing the other areas of the site5) Optimised for all browsers and tablet devicesOur GoalsWe are looking to grow our…
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