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Calculate Amount Of A Solute In A Solution Per Drop

I have several solutions that I would like to mix together and I would like to know the amount of each solute per drop of the mixed solution. I have the amout of solute in each solution and it's volume so it shouldn't be too tricky. Once you get hired I'll give you all the details.
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COMSOL Programming / Chemical Engineering

We are looking for a COMSOL programmer contractor to join along-term multi-step project.Thecandidate must demonstrate proficiency in multi-physics modeling involvingfluid flows and chemical reactions.Prior fuelcell / battery / electrolyzer modeling is a plus.
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I Need To Write Review Article For Research Journal

Reviewpaper need to be written based on literature survey in the field of chemical engineering optimization. Topic and Title has been finalized for research work. Already having more than 30 research papers with me, looking for freelancers to do rigorous literature survey and prepare themanuscript of review of at least 12 pages so that it could be send to the SCI journal
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Measure Electric Field And Temperature Distribution

Electic field distribution and temperature distribution within a liquid housed in coaxial electrodes (outer electrode diameter 6cm and inner electrode diameter 5 cm).Length of these circular pipes = 10 cmThe inner electrode is connected with the high voltage and the outer electrode is attached with a ground.We need to apply high voltage pulses with the following specifications1- Pulse shape double exponential2- Variable width ( 500nsec to 2 u-sec) nsec: nano-seconds; u-sec: Micro-seconds3- Pulse height: 10 kV4- Variable liquid flow rate…
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