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Mi Vida tras el sismo en Mexico

Mi vida tras el sismo 19 septiembre 2017 México...Read Full Description

Tareas administrativas "back-office" relacionadas a seguimiento financiero y de base de datos

Buscamos una persona responsable que pueda trabajar por hora con micro-tares semanales que forman parte de seguimiento financiero y de administración. Damos prioridad a personas con discapacidad por política de empresa pero todos son bienvenidos a aplicar. I...Read Full Description

Word expert

I just need to replace a background image in a Word template (2 documents)...Read Full Description

macro excel and fill word

excel macros that fill word document to let me generate contract for guests automatically...Read Full Description

Interview Guide and Evaluation & Selection Interview Role Play

An essential skill required by HR professionals is that of how to plan for, conduct and evaluate a selection interview and to teach others to do the same. Given the importance of this skill, students will create an Interview Guide and Evaluation and use it to ...Read Full Description

Combine multiple Word documents into one and reformat

I had someone write a Safety Manual for me a few years ago. He returned about 50 Word and Excel files which we were supposed to print out in order, and he didn't do a very good job of using Word Styles or formatting.I would prefer everything to be put i...Read Full Description

need somebody to do the typesetting work for a letter

hi, my letter is written already. however, the layout is not very good.i need somebody whole is professional in word and the typesetting of the text to do this word for me.i will pay one usd for this work. interesting party pls make bid by saying that you will...Read Full Description


Create documents for the website of Bridges of Lenders...Read Full Description

Letter writer

Looking to hire an individual to help draft response to an attorney regarding a family estate matter. Must be skilled communicator who is willing to work collaboratively in order to understand key issues and draft best response possible....Read Full Description

basic formatting of a PDF document

Need to edit a pdf document .just basic changes on the document like alignment , font , ruler, style etcThe work will not take more than 30 mins please do not negotiate on the price as this is a simple task...Read Full Description

format a document

I completed a debris management plan but it needs to be formatted in microsoft word. I would like the table of contents updated as well as a uniformed look and feel....Read Full Description

I need an excel and ms word expert

I need to paste a few excel graphs into a MS word document...Read Full Description

Transpose my handwritten assignment (equations) into a word doc

I have completed the problem set of a simple assignment (3 questions) using handwritten notes. I need these solutions transferred into a word doc. The assignment is formula based (equations based) and I need these workings written up into a word doc that I ca...Read Full Description

Traducir a Español/Translate Something to Spanish

Necesito traducir todo lo que aparece en este documento al Español y enviarme el documento en formato .doc (Word)....Read Full Description

Document formatting - Microsoft Word

In need of someone to help combine a number of Word documents into one document, and to format so that paragraphs, numbering and spacing is consistent throughout the document. Require someone who is proficient in Microsoft Word and VERY efficient....Read Full Description

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