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403305 Vbulletin - E-mail Harvest -

Vbulletin - E-mail Harvesting Project(s)Project (1):Harvest E-mails from Vbulletin Forum.- Emails on boards are not visible.Several more similar E-mail harverst projects available after completion.Work needed 72 hours after go ahead.*Serious Project Managers/L...Read Full Description

need to fix forum bug

I have a vbulletin mod for (vb version 3.8.x), which works fine, apart from when a search is performed in the forum, there is a mysql db error. "Error Number : 1064"When I disable this mod, the search feature works fine.Need a vbulletin expert to f...Read Full Description

write plug in vbullentin 5

when user click post a reply. it will prompt a user if they want to close a thread, if yes, option 1 - Soldoption 2 - withdrawnoption 3 - tradedafter selecting either of the options, it will display a corresponding message in the text box option 1 response - T...Read Full Description

I need a good specialist

I need a good specialistI need a good specialist...Read Full Description

I would like to hire a vBulletin 4 Developer

We're looking for a vBulletin 4 Developer for a 3-6 month contract in Reading, Berkshire. Ideally who's worked on large scale websites....Read Full Description

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