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Create Shell Script to Auto Install Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server if not installed.

I have a Laravel project using Laravel Homestead. The project uses SQL Server and requires Microsoft Drivers for PHP to work properly. Part of Laravel Homestead is an [url removed, login to view] file that allow you to add shell script to configure/ provision ...Read Full Description

Ubuntu Need Help recovering Files from mounted drive

I have a digital ocean ubuntu server and a 4 TB volume that has 2 TB of files mounted on it I lost my files after I restarted the server, but i'm pretty sure the mounted drive still has the files.I need help recovering the files from the mounted drive.I&...Read Full Description

Linux OS Practice a - 02/01/2018 12:39 EST

1. A shell script is a sequence of shell commands written in an executable script file. Executing this file instructs the shell to execute all commands in the order of their appearance in the script file. There are several shell scripting tutorials available o...Read Full Description

Need help to setup a malware sandbox called DRAKVUF

I need someone to setup a malware sandbox. It is required to be setup in ubuntu with xen hypervisor. For more information about the sandbox please refer to this web site: For anyone interested please contact me by [Removed by [url removed, login t...Read Full Description

I need help installing an eGPU in Ubuntu

I am trying to use a thunderbolt external NVIDIA card (1070) on a macbook pro in Ubuntu, but getting the errors below (lspci -vv results also shown).I am looking for someone to help me get this card working in ubuntu (either by patching the kernel or if possib...Read Full Description

Ubuntu wake up and sleep wiith chrontab through teamviewer

I need my ubuntu computer to hybernate wake up and restart at certain times using Crhontab...Read Full Description

LeddarTech M16 Interface

Need python script to interface with LeddarTech M16 and modbus...Read Full Description

log calculation application

Firewood operation. a program where I can enter the length and diameter of a log, and have the cubic foot of wood calculated and added to a running total...Read Full Description

Need to integrate SSL certificate in Digitalocean server

I purchased SSL certificate from godaddy for my 5 sites. For the first site, they already issued an certificate. But I am not being able to integrate it into my digitalocean server. This server is an Apache server and operating system is Ubuntu. I need someone...Read Full Description

Docker Container

I need to get a ubuntu docker container that can deployed on server to run java files....Read Full Description

Migrate Servers

We are looking migrate servers and back up files, from 10 severs.Much Thanks...Read Full Description

Server Migration

I currently have a CentOS server which I need WordPress migrtated from.The new server is Ubuntu, and need Vesta installed along with wp-cliQuote me...Read Full Description

Antminer Management Software.

I need a web-based package that will allow users to manage multiple Bitmain AntMiners and possibly other mining hardware. Prefer to run in Ubuntu/Debian/Centos environment.Core Functionality:Miner Management - I need to be able to read the statistics from a si...Read Full Description

Help remove wordpress with ubuntu and upload a new website

i have a app, and wesite hosted in digital ocean, need remove wordpress and uppload a new website...Read Full Description

Design Asterisk server on Ubuntu

I need to configure Asterisk server in Ubuntu. Need to configure two ip phones in that server one may be virtual and other will be smartphone. Then they should call each other...Read Full Description

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