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Robotic Engineer

To conduct different different workshops for students of class 9th-10th like line follower, remote controlled car (f1 car), aeromodeling etc....Read Full Description

ROS - URDF file and Gazebo simulation for machine tending robot arm

I would like a consultant who is familiar with Robot Operating System (ROS) to create a URDF file for a robot and a simulated milling machine in Gazebo. I can provide dimensions and PDF outlines for the robot arm (no solid models, but I do have accurate joint...Read Full Description

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Consultant

We are looking for a UIPath or BluePrism consultants. The candidate should meet the following requirements: - Be a Freelance consultant.- Have proven experience in task operation automation whith UIPath or BluePrism technology (at least 3 years). The selected...Read Full Description

Mobile Robotics

Looking for someone to write a mobile robotics solutions and article ( iRobot Create Simulator)...Read Full Description

I need a 3 or 4-foot tall robot for a feature film

Hi there!We are filming a feature film in Ottawa (Canada) in March and we need help in making a sweet 3 or 4-foot tall robot that wheels over to a little girl and beeps for her to play with her, and then wheels away from her. Remote control would be ideal!Woul...Read Full Description

Robotics and Industrial Process Automation Expert for Consulting

Looking for an experienced robotics and automation expert to help advise for a new consumer-facing project. Advice needed relates to both mechanical configuration and software stack. We want to make sure we don't make any mistakes early on, and check that...Read Full Description

Looking for help in Pega Robotics - Openspan

Looking for help in training and POC - in pega robotics - openspan...Read Full Description

I need a Robotics Engineer for consulation

Jetson TX2, Jackal UGV are the 2 Hardware/Software components that we are tieing together. We need someone with DL experience for the code integration and image detection/classification algorithms which in turn engage some actuation commands. Experience arou...Read Full Description

(BOT) Robô Trader para operar nas principais Exchanges de Criptmoedas, como por exemplo: Bitterx, Bitfinex, Binance etc...

Produto: Robô Trader para operar nas principais Exchanges de Criptmoedas, como por exemplo: Bitterx, Bitfinex, Binance etc...Atuação: comercialização de Licenças do Robô, através de uma plataforma de marketing de afiliados, aonde o cliente poderá esco...Read Full Description

I am planing for a robot which can stand dirty water and can removes solid waste from water

I am planing for a robot which can stand dirty water and can removes solid waste...Read Full Description

Develop a ROS project

We are going to a rover competition, which requires us to develop an autonomous system. We are looking for someone who knows ROS to implement, embed and adjust existing ROS packages....Read Full Description

Looking for experienced robotics programmer for unique engineering and integration.

I am looking for to design and build robotics programming for my business process. The application is similar to the robot bartenders that are emerging in the market....Read Full Description

Help us with Robotic Process Automation

We have a lot of repetitive manual tasks we want to automate. We need someone who can help us with Robotic Process automation....Read Full Description

Upgrading NXT Explorer to draw a map

I have this robot:[url removed, login to view]and i want to upgrade it to draw a map of the environment where he moves....Read Full Description

Motivation letter paragraph

Need to write 200-250 words paragraph in Motivation letter about " my desire on Software Engineering And Robotics"...Read Full Description

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