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Prolog: Jealous Husbands

I am taking an artificial intelligence class and have a homework I need help with. Description: In the initial state there are three couples at the mall. They all want to go to the beach. There is only one vehicle that sits two (driver and passenger)... (...Read Full Description

Translation from English to Nottoway

I need a code written in prolog to translate certain words listed in the attached files from English to Nottoway. Taking in consideration the tense and prefix for example If want to translate the "She... (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: Prolog)...Read Full Description

Program in Prolog

The program described in the attached txt file should be implemented in Prolog. It should work on the limits of the inputs. The testcases given are only for understanding purposes. Any clarification... (Budget: $10-$75 USD, Jobs: Prolog)...Read Full Description

Prolog problem vol2 [deadline 30/8/2013]

TASSOS AND THE SHEEP... Unfortunately, due to the crisis, Tassos cannot just spend all his day with Golfo, but also needs to work from time to time in order to pay his taxes. His job is to “arrange”... (Budget: $10-$30 USD, Jobs: Prolog)...Read Full Description

Prolog problem [deadline 30/8/2013]

In SWI prolog: THE BIG FISH EATS THE SMALL... In some parallel universe there is a planet that resembles earth. In a continent of this planet there exist N countries that, some years ago, decided to come together and form an economic union... (Budget: $1...Read Full Description

Light Version of Pac Man Game in Visual Prolog

This is NOT fully featured packman game , it is very basic. Must Use latest version of Visual Prolog ( See Project Description in file attached. (Budget: $250-$750 USD, Jobs: Prolog)...Read Full Description

Sudent Simple Prolog Game - repost

Create simple game only with Prolog language - Student's work For more information - open the file (pdf)!!!!!! (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: Personal Development, Prolog, Property Development, Software Development)...Read Full Description

very simple game in visual prolog

very simple game in visual prolog - took to me and i send file that Explains in more details this work should take 1-4 days at most for prolog developer (Budget: $250-$750 USD, Jobs: Personal Development, Prolog, Property Development, Software Architecture, S...Read Full Description

Sudoku solver in mercury language - repost

Anybody can write for me a sudoku solver in mercury language. I know it's rarely to find person who is expertise this language. It's like Prolog or Haskell language. So I need a program can solve every sudoku in less than 1 sec, without using constraint logic...Read Full Description

Write test cases

Have to do testing by declaring static input...Read Full Description

Project for Anas A. -- 3

Hi Anas A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat....Read Full Description

commandes en prolog

besoin de faire des commandes en Prolog...Read Full Description

some work in prolog

Please take a look at the PDF file for details regarding the task. This is a very simple task if you are experienced. Instructions need to be followed carefully. All code should be commented/documented properly. I need this completed in 2 days. Additional info...Read Full Description

TP in Scheme (Prog logique)

I am looking for someone to do prolog tp. The tp comprises 4 parts. I pay € 7 for each game and if all is done I add 2 euros bonus.Please read the pdf join file before making proposals.NB : The TP SUBJECT IS IN FRENCH. BUT YOU CAN TRANSLATE IT. BE SURE TO UN...Read Full Description

Prolog Project

Discuss more over chat.Must be proficient in Prolog, otherwise do not bid...Read Full Description

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