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Typewriter poet

I'm looking for a poet to work an event on Sunday 11/3. Poet would write poems on the spot on a typewriter for guests of event....Read full project description...

Poem analysis paper

Choose a famous poem by a prominent english author. After you have found a poem, begin to analyze its formal features. Does it have a consistent meter or rhyme scheme? If so, identify it. Explain why the author chose that meter (or didnt choose any, in the case of free verse)......Read full project description...

Chinese lyrics translation into english

I am looking for the talent who will translate the Chinese song lyrics into English. The project is... 1. Listen to songs from the link. If there is any missing word or wrong Chinese lyrics, correct it......Read full project description...

July 25, 2013

Hi, I am hosting a bridal shower for my sister and need about 4-5 short personalized poems to put on frames for display. The shower will be held in a couple of weeks. Please let me know if you can help......Read full project description...



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