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I would like to hire a Poet to recite poetry at my upcoming poetry concerts

I need to hire some poets to recite poetry at my upcoming poetry concerts!!! Please call Ruth Truth (731) 412-6905!...Read Full Description

Sales Prospecting Poetry

We run a sales company, telemarketing and we support business sales managers and sales executives, we all experience very high emotions and pressure at the stage of each sales cycle from the beginning continuing all the way to the end. I want to add a poet to ...Read Full Description

Write me a poem about my current job: 40-60 words

I am applying to a new job for a technical support position. The instructions are "Please write an original 40-60 word poem about your current or most recent job into the text field:"I currently work at a software company for Verizon. My job is a mix...Read Full Description

Write spoken word poetry on "Modernity and Tradition"

Compose a spoken word poetry on "Modernity and Tradition"...Read Full Description

Writer of poem

We need someone that can transcribe a letter to a poem. We want it as painful as it can be.Here's the sample lines from the letter. Times had passed. And I can still remember the memories back in September.I remember the time when I thought I could fall i...Read Full Description

Songwriting Needed

I'm going to have fun with software and recording music- something I haven't done before. I'm more on the mathematical side of the thinking process so songwriting is not a strength for me. I will be experimenting with several genre's. I bel...Read Full Description

I am looking for a poet

I want a rhyming poem for my step daughter who is turning 17 using some of our memories but it must be done no later than Feb 10th...Read Full Description

Write me a simple poem

Hi there, I need a poem for me and my girlfriend as our anniversary is coming up.Just a short poem is needed. Need it fast....Read Full Description


some writing poetry...Read Full Description

alliteration poem - open to bidding

I have a Alliteration poem Im stuck on and dont have the proper education for grammer syllables and story plot. i have several long drafts; diffrent ideas just need someone with your credentals to chop through it and help please. its about a breakup so should ...Read Full Description

poem writing

i need someone to write me a poem, willing to give him or her details, i need a good one asap...Read Full Description

Poem in Turkish

HelloAttached is a poem in English. I need native Turkish speaker with good poetic skills to try to rewrite the poem in Turkish.I am NOT asking for translation! poems should not be translated because they will sound odd. Instead of translating, rewrite the...Read Full Description

Poems editor

I have written about 150 poems in English, and they vary as follows:- Abstractness- Topics- Tone- Timing - Context- Perspectives- Tone and so on. I hope to get a poem editor who can improve the poem content and structure!...Read Full Description

Project for Eliza I.

Hi Eliza I., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat....Read Full Description

Poem on grieving loss, depression

Need you to write a poem on loss of a parent, grief and depression...Read Full Description

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