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July 25, 2013

Hi, I am hosting a bridal shower for my sister and need about 4-5 short personalized poems to put on frames for display. The shower will be held in a couple of weeks. Please let me know if you can help... (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: Poetry)...Read Full Description

Chinese lyrics translation into English

I am looking for the talent who will translate the Chinese song lyrics into English. The project is... 1. Listen to songs from the link. If there is any missing word or wrong Chinese lyrics, correct it... (Budget: $10-$30 USD, Jobs: Poetry, Translation)...Read Full Description

Poem analysis paper

Choose a famous poem by a prominent english author. After you have found a poem, begin to analyze its formal features. Does it have a consistent meter or rhyme scheme? If so, identify it. Explain why the author chose that meter (or didn’t choose any,...Read Full Description

Typewriter Poet

I'm looking for a poet to work an event on Sunday 11/3. Poet would write poems on the spot on a typewriter for guests of event. (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: Poetry)...Read Full Description

konsultasi tentang asmara

Menulis sejumlah artikel Membuat kalimat dengan kata-kata yang indah...Read Full Description

hidup di desa

Menulis sejumlah artikel Membuat kalimat dengan kata-kata yang indah...Read Full Description

I need an amazing poem writer (no beginners)

I want to gift a poem to my girlfriend for our one year anniversary. I have the ideas in mind, however, don't know how to write them with beautiful rhymes etc.I need a full (one page) poem....Read Full Description

Punjabi reviewer/reviser/proofreader

I need a Punjabi proofreader to review/revise a translation from Punjabi to English. He/She should have native language skills in Punjabi and English. The document comprises a group of poems and literary background is important for the applicant. Words: around...Read Full Description

Project for tayyab316

Hi tayyab316, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat....Read Full Description

I would like to hire a Poet

I am looking for a poet to come and entertain our guests for a burns night on the 25th January at the South Kensington Members Club.You would be welcoming guests and reading a poem between each course.Please let me know your availability from 8.00pm....Read Full Description

I would like to hire a Poet to recite poetry at my upcoming poetry concerts

I need to hire some poets to recite poetry at my upcoming poetry concerts!!! Please call Ruth Truth (731) 412-6905!...Read Full Description

Sales Prospecting Poetry

We run a sales company, telemarketing and we support business sales managers and sales executives, we all experience very high emotions and pressure at the stage of each sales cycle from the beginning continuing all the way to the end. I want to add a poet to ...Read Full Description

Write me a poem about my current job: 40-60 words

I am applying to a new job for a technical support position. The instructions are "Please write an original 40-60 word poem about your current or most recent job into the text field:"I currently work at a software company for Verizon. My job is a mix...Read Full Description

Write spoken word poetry on "Modernity and Tradition"

Compose a spoken word poetry on "Modernity and Tradition"...Read Full Description

Writer of poem

We need someone that can transcribe a letter to a poem. We want it as painful as it can be.Here's the sample lines from the letter. Times had passed. And I can still remember the memories back in September.I remember the time when I thought I could fall i...Read Full Description

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