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Setup Ubuntu NGINX Varnish Wordpress Server

I need to setup a server with this features I will give root access to a clean Ubuntu 13.04 server in Amazon EC2 and I need Wordpress running with Varnis...Read Full Description

Move Wordpress site from Apache to NGinx plus caching and optimize server - repost

My popular wordpress blog is running on a dedicated server that has been crippled lately by too many concurrent hits. I would like to switch to Nginx but I don't want anything to break on my site, I need... (Budget: $25-$50 USD, Jobs: Linux, Nginx, Software Ar...Read Full Description

C code - Nginx: add support to Nginx upload progress to track multiple files upload

Hello, I need you to add support for tracking multiple files to my Nginx webserver + Nginx progress upload module. Actual output by this Nginx progress module is { "state" : "uploading", "received" :... (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Job...Read Full Description

Nginx Causing Javascript Error

Easy 5 star feedback for someone - please demonstrate something to make me certain you can solve the problem: Nginx is causing a Javascript error ... Varnish is installed: http://da (Budget: $10-$30 USD, Jobs: Nginx, System Admin)...Read Full Description

Optimize Server

Hi there, Currently we are having issues with PHP-FPM/MySQL and our server is loading slowly, we have everything sorted but seems like we can't find the problem with PHP-fpm (most likely), this is a... (Budget: $10-$35 USD, Jobs: MySQL, Nginx, PHP)...Read Full Description

Xfilisharing Pro Experts

Hi I am looking for Xfilisharing pro expert who can work on many works with out big filesharing site , and also you need to have good portfolio to work for us. You will be getting works daily or... (Budget: $250-$750 USD, Jobs: Apache, Nginx, Perl, PHP)...Read Full Description

I want someone to set-up a VPS with nginx.

I want to move/ migrate my website from current server(apache) to Nginx.. I want someone to configure my vps according to my website and then move it from my current server to nginx (Budget: £20-£50 GBP, Jobs: MySQL, Nginx, PHP)...Read Full Description

Fix Wordpress "Error establishing a database connection" problem

I recently ran across this "Error establishing a database connection" problem with my Wordpress website. Not sure what caused it as everything was fine before. When opening about 8 pages, 3-4 of them will be hit with the error "Error establishin...Read Full Description

Fix Wordpress "Error establishing a database connection" problem - repost

When opening about 8 pages, 3-4 of them will be hit with the error "Error establishing a database connection". I need someone to diagnose and fix this problem. Additional Info: 1. The site runs on Wordpress 2... (Budget: $35-$60 USD, Jobs: MySQ...Read Full Description

Switching from apache to nginx + adding Varnish

I have a news portal website running on LAMP :, we start to face performance degradation due to high traffic on the website. Currently: The website is running Apache to server all dynamic pages "PHP" where Nginx is conf...Read Full Description

Install SSL Certificate to NGINXS Web Server

I have an SSL certificate for a website hosted on a private server running NGINX, I need it installed onto the server. (Budget: $10-$30 USD, Jobs: Linux, Nginx)...Read Full Description

Configure VPS CentOS 6.4 Wordpress optimized

I just bought a VPS, now i need the following things to be done: -Install mysql -Install nginx -Install wordpress -Move my current wordpress site from Webserver to the VPS -Point domain to VPS ... (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: Linux, Nginx, Wordpress)...Read Full Description

Expert Drupal Developer Needed

We have an existing site and project that is ongoing. We have constant upgrades and features we are building on the site. We're looking for someone who would work long term on our project. We want a top notch drupal developer and not someone with basic deve...Read Full Description

Speed up wordpress

Wordpress site running on a vps with nginx and php-fpm. I think some plugins are really slowing down my install needs some optimization. Micro project, just some optimization on my wordpress install. (Budget: $10-$30 USD, Jobs: Nginx, Wordpress)...Read Full Description

XLS of url's converted to Nginx - super urgent

Hi Everyone, I have a very urgent job that popped up on us over a huge website launch. We have around 1,000 URLs that need to be rewritten to nginx. Essentially this: rewrite ^/Coke-Meijers$... (Budget: $15-$25 USD, Jobs: Apache, Nginx, System Admin)...Read Full Description

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