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Logo and branding for ski mask

It is needed to create a logo on the top of the ski mask and a beautiful inscription with the name of the mask on the strap. The name of the X-Side mask. The inscription on the strap can be made in one color or in several colors. It is better to add additional...Read Full Description

data entry and photoshop

i am experience at photoshop.and data entry .i have good skill in computer desigining and editing photo and effects...Read Full Description

Poster for the refrigeration equipment online store

The poster should consist of the name of the company and some graphics. Should accurately present the blue (as the cold). The poster should be strict and stylish. The poster should not have cartoon graphics and bright colors, all very strict....Read Full Description

Design a Logo

I'm looking for a logo of a RAT in black and white vector format that we can easily use for embroidery purposes. The simpler the better and keep the details to the minimum. I want something edgy and modern with a bit of a cartoon feel. I've attached some image...Read Full Description

Logo with mascot (gaming related)

I need a logo for a new gaming community called "Ghetto-Gaming" for a new website. The logo must have a mascot, the mascot should be something fitting with the name or if no other ideas from designer maybe something cool with a two headed eagle. Eith...Read Full Description

New logo

I am searching for a Logo Designer that has practice in the Apparel and Fitness industry. I want to draw a new brand for the fitness studio, using hi tech machines to improve body shape, building muscles, losing weight....Read Full Description


Hi, i am fabio zanconato. I am a web designer, IT MANAGER and blogger. I want a minimal LOGO for my accessories (tshirt, pens, ecc.)...Read Full Description

Logo shading change

Alteration of the shading on logo. I hate twenty word minimums that are unnecessary to completing the job at hand. This communication system needs to be changed...Read Full Description

Graphic design

I'm looking for someone to help with designing new product labels and web images should be proficient with photo shop....Read Full Description

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Content Writer and/or Social Media Manager

TasteAtlas - World Food Atlas is a web startup dedicated to marking down, preserving, and promoting local ingredients, traditional recipes, and authentic restaurants. So far, we have about 10,000 entries of dishes and ingredients in our base, but we have only ...Read Full Description

Article Writing

We are looking for an experienced article writer with excellent writing skills in both American and British English. We need someone who can research our keywords and come up with high-quality articles that can be published in authority websites, most of which...Read Full Description

Looking for a internal ticking and tracking system that can use API information

Looking to track and mange all are Tv repairs and other repair/install ticket that we have Project management must receive all information from 2 platforms that we use must sync with 2 out going plat forms that we use. must be easy to use...Read Full Description

Paid Ads by clicking

You have to watch paid ads, you will get 150$ USD instantly after clicking link below. Go to the link register yourself and tell me I will credit you 5000 rupees. link: Full Description

Need 5 .edu permanent backlink for my niche website

Hi there, need someone to create 5 .edu permanent backlinks for my niche website called . I need someone whom I can trust. tell me about your plan. I will check the backlinks....Read Full Description


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