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Real time sign language recognition for deaf and dumb people

To help the people with hearing speech impairment understand and communicate with theworld, by: Recognising various signs in a sign – language. Reading the signs from people and converting them into text or speech. Reading the text input from people...Read Full Description

Using kinect to track jump movement

I am given kinect for windows v2 as the material to work on. The objectives of the project are as follows:-A history of 25 years-Using kinect and being able to track the height of distance jumped by a user- Based on the height jumped, it should be linked to a ...Read Full Description

Build a kinect virtual fitting windowds application

I want to make a kinect dressing mirror softwareThere are 5 clothes that needs to model.Please refer to my uploaded video....Read Full Description

Finding AR expert

Need AR expert.He must have kinect experience.I need UK local service provider...Read Full Description

Project for Marcos Anderson A.

Hi Marcos Anderson A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat....Read Full Description

Kinect Project

Virtual dressing software using kinectOnly experts are needed...Read Full Description

Simple Kinect XBOX app to be build inside Unity 3D C# - Start now

I have a simple brief..shouldn't be too complex and should take some few hours. I want the developer to start now and be done by end of today for testing tomorrow from clients side. This is the brief:- App to be built for Windows 10, Full HD portrait 1920...Read Full Description

Connecting Kinect with windows using python

Message me to know more about it...Read Full Description

Emotion recognition using Xbox360

Emotion recognition using Xbox360 camera , main task is to connect the xbox360 with the system, windows machine...Read Full Description

Emotion detection system using kinect XBOX360 on windows machine

Emotion detection system using kinect XBOX360 on windows machine ....using open CV and neural networks...Read Full Description

Kinect gesture mouse control

Selection criteria:•demonstrate first with a video recorded proof of concept that the applicationwith multiple users will work with a kinect• explain in detail how you are going to build the application• explain in detail which technology and programming...Read Full Description

ID-AL event player remote by Kinect v2 sensor

Looking for a specialist in Kinect v2 software and dmx comands. Its about water fountain, that 'dancing' while music is playing with multiple colors- all this are remoted by ID-AL event player. All is working now, so, Need to add Kinect v2 sensor tha...Read Full Description

Kinect Penalty Unity Project

I want Kinect Penalty Shootout project. We developed one with Kinect V1 but its not work well. We just want basic, shoot and goal. I provide environment assets. Dont have much budget, please give good offer :)Just micro project.If you have done like this proje...Read Full Description

Training of Data set for Kinect - 30/04/2018 01:27 EDT

Training of dataset for Kinect.RGB and Depth together combining...Read Full Description

Research related VR project.

I need some assistance with coding part of a personal, research related VR project. C# required as code is partially written. This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details....Read Full Description

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