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Genealogy - Family Research (Irish roots)

I am trying to find birth certificates of my Irish dad and both birth, marriage and death certificates of my grandparents. Contact me to learn more....Read Full Description

Genealogist Needed

Hello,I am looking for an experienced genealogist to help me in my research of my family tree.Specifically, I would like to locate archives of my great grandfather from when he was a lifeguard or a station commander at Little Beach Island, NJ.I would like reco...Read Full Description

Jeg trenger noe grafisk design

Jeg trenger slektstavler i vektor-format eller eventuell høy oppløsning i raste-format som kan trykkes i opp til A0-format. De skal være uten tekst. Se vedlagt eksempel....Read Full Description

Research World War II Records

I am looking for military unit records specifically for Service Company of the U.S Army's 39th Infantry in World War II. I would like to know the movements and details of Service Company, as much information as available. I am NOT looking for research fro...Read Full Description

Research WWII Records

I need someone to visit the National Archives at St. Louis and conduct in-person research on WWII records. I will provide detailed information about what you will research once you've been awarded the job....Read Full Description

Find archive file scan

I would need simeone to go to the National Archives of the Republic of Moldova (NARM) and find me archives according to the files identififer that ill provide...Read Full Description

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