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Drone videography of warehouse

We'd like to get aerial footage of our warehouse in full swing to be put together into an overview video of our operations....Read Full Description

Drone expert

We are looking for one workshop instructor who has experience in Drone designing and can provide drone racing solutions...Read Full Description

DJI Inspire 2 Live video feed setup

Need someone who has experience setting up a live video feed with inspire 2 drone.I am trying to get the best image quality out of the drone....Read Full Description

Video Recording Primavera Music Festival

Our nonprofit hosts the Primavera Music Festival every year as a means of recruiting mentors for kids in our local community and raise funds for our after school program. In 2017, our first event had over 13,000 people in attendance. We are looking for someone...Read Full Description

I am finding Drone Expert in China for good business with us

I want to contact China Drone Expert. We are app development team.We have met good investor in USA and he has idea.They want to build App that can detect Drone's reaction.We need Drone Engineer for this project....Read Full Description

Imagens aéreas

Imagens aƩreas com drone...Read Full Description

Join our media team

We are a Media Productions company, offering full productions, editing and creative solutions including video, photography, and audio. We have some of the best guys in the business in each respective field. On big projects you will get to work directly with th...Read Full Description

Pixhawk / PX4 Developer

I look for a developer for Pixhawk / PX4....Read Full Description

Pix4d Point Cloud Editing

I am looking for an individual who has experience with the photogrammetry or structure from motion software Pix4d. The project in question is approximately 20 acres and flown at 200 feet with 80/80 overlap. In the imagery are several buildings along with some ...Read Full Description

Drone remote control

GreetingsWe would like to develop an app for remote control of multiple drones. We are still thinking about the technology to be used, whether to use Node.Js with available modules. Must develop an app to remotely control a drone with Desktop or Mobile, while ...Read Full Description

phantom drone app

I need an Android app. I would like it designed and's a control app for phantom drones that will need a login for people because we want to make a realtime panel on PHP to where they can see and share height/location/video etc.We also want FPV/Fo...Read Full Description

Build a redundant Drone with view and control via cellular 4G network

See requirements and architecture in the document.Please make up some proper milestones so that we can work together in small steps and get to know each other along the way. For instance first the Drone+4G, then carriage for payload and finally video followed ...Read Full Description

Shooting a commercial in Hong Kong

There will be a commercial shot in Hong Kong on March 16th and 17th. Looking people in these fields:1. One videographer for 2 days (8 hours per day) to shoot 4K videos2. One drone operator with drone for one day (8 hours)3. Lighting team for 2 days (8 hours pe...Read Full Description

Shooting a commercial in Hong Kong, China

There will be a commercial shooting on March 16th, 17th. Freelancers are needed for:1. One videographer for 2 days (8 hours per day) to shoot 4K videos2. One drone operator with drone for one day (8 hours)3. Lighting team for 2 days (8 hours per day) to have t...Read Full Description

Mobile app for flying a DJI Drone buy pre-determined autonomous mission

We need a simple app to pass features from our web platform to a DJI drone. Our web app builds autonomous mission that we want to upload through a native iphone(or cross platform) mobile app. Then execute this mission and view live video feed. The majority of ...Read Full Description

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