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Image processing using CUDA

Image imaprting in both openmp+mpi and in cuda...Read Full Description

btc or eth needed

need 0.01 btc or 0.1 eth only serious long term relation paymrnt here 200 eur...Read Full Description

app develop

create gpu powered bruteforce application for [url removed, login to view] wallets ([url removed, login to view])...Read Full Description

MPI Parallel Programming Practice

Write a MPI-Parallel code on 4 process to compute the sums of all rows of a 10,000 x 10,000 matrix. Let the process with rank 0 generate the matrix, and send corresponding rows of the matrix to processes rank 1, rank 2, and rank 3....Read Full Description

Looking for C++, ffmpeg and OpenCV developer

I need somebody with experiences on these mentioned skill (C++, ffmpeg and OpenCV), the idea is make few adjustment on current source code under linux.No waste timer please, already I am tired to met with such fake developers.....More details on PM....Read Full Description

GPU code running on Linux and GPUGPU simulator

I have a Vector Add program in Cuda. I need someone to add few counters to that code to generate required output and run it on GPGPU simulator....Read Full Description

C++, ffmpeg and OpenCV developer needed

I have piece of software (just one C++ file) which compile and generate a binary tool. I need somebody with experiences on these mentioned skill (C++, ffmpeg and OpenCV), the idea is make few changes on current source code which run over linux commandline.No w...Read Full Description

Chief Marketing Officer(CMO)

Chronicled, the premier supply chain company in the world. We want to imprint their business success model. We are looking for a marketer who can take the world by storm. Experience in chronicled platform will get the advantage. Please visit [url removed, log...Read Full Description

OpenGL Project. (Please read the uploaded file before bidding)

Your last task is to implement a ray tracer that follows the exact recursive algorithm described in the pseudocodes at pages 85 and 87 of the course textbook. Although inspecting existing ray tracer implementations is allowed, in order for your submission to b...Read Full Description

Design a Python application

Design a python application that include machine learning algorithms. The overall algorithm and some of the code are already coded. I need someone that can combine code and design the application that can run on Linux and WindowsOS.The machine learning knowle...Read Full Description

Build docker image with python tensorflow environment

This project involves creating docker images with python environment and tensorflow compiled from sources with cuda and cuddn support.*list of pip packages to be installed*build tensorflow from sources and install*build framework utils *copy directory to image...Read Full Description

Autodesk 3dsMax Pflow with Nvidia GPU support(plugin or script development)

Need that 3dsmax supports Praticle Flow GPU simulations. For now Particle flow support only CPU simulations. So you need to know C++ and Cuda programming. Actualy, we need that mParticles start simulation on NVIDIA CUDA(with multi GPU support). Need plugin or ...Read Full Description

Write a 500 words report on GPU use in (non graphics) computing

The report will need to include:1.History (first use in supercomputers and hyperscale cloud)2.Brief architecture and performance trends description (first introduction -> Today) and Graph3.GPUs as a standalone (PCIe) accelerator4.GPUs integration in SoC/CPU...Read Full Description

I need a CUDA(PYCUDA) developer

To implement a serial algorithm in parallel CUDA...Read Full Description

Movie motion check

It is a program to check the card image from the image.The image is transmitted in the web protocol....Read Full Description

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