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I need someone, who will polish 3D printer product in video

Hi, I have a video about my new product, but it's only 3D printed prototype, so it doesn't look perfect. I need someone, who can make it nice....Read Full Description

Property CGI / Sales Brochure

Need property sales brochure put together similar to 2 attached examples...Read Full Description

Adding Bluetooth, Secure CGI, MQTT Server To An Embedded System

Test Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3; however, code will be another Embedded Linux hardwarePrimary Objectives:1. Subscribe, publish topics2. Setup secure cgi [GET/POST/UPDATE json encoded data]3. Setup BT connectivity4. Setup secure webserver...Read Full Description

Need expert Developer..

I need expert developer. Will share detail with selected freelancer only....Read Full Description

Cgv pour une boutique

Ecrit des conditions generales de ventes Pour produit vendu en magasin...Read Full Description

I need a CGI artist

I have a shot for my low budget movie trailer where a super hero flies away from a space ship as part of it explodes. Needs to look convincing and spectacular. I have the ship model which needs a little work - also have the hero flying on greenscreen. HELP ...Read Full Description

I need a CGI developer

I am looking to make a film that will require some CGI effects....Read Full Description

I need a CGI Developer

I need to create an animated video that is of a wheel spinning like in Wheel of Fortune. The wheel would have section numbers from a stadium. The section number that the wheel stops on would win a prize. It does not need to be random, but I do need to creat...Read Full Description

Looking for a CGI artist to animate a moving still!

I am a visual artist who is looking for someone to animate a moving portrait for me. I can talk specifics if you are interested!...Read Full Description

CGI Video Clip

I need to create a modern version of the animation found at [url removed, login to view] Some of the content will be the same and some new weapon concepts need to be demonstrated. For the new concepts there are no supporting CAD files or or objects to use so...Read Full Description

CGI developer

I am looking for a talented CGI developer who can execute the ideas that I have to produce quality short films. Your skills will be needed for:If I want someone who is dead in my short films, would it be possible to use an actor who looks a bit like the dead g...Read Full Description

Computer Generated Effects / images

I have filmed footage to make trailers to promote my TV sci-fi pitch and I need 2 trailers (2min each - both are similar) That need CGI effects to make it look good. I can provide you with a bible of the series and the marketing plan. Please contact myself a...Read Full Description

Install a CGI script

Hello,So I have a dedicated server with LAMP installed and i'm needing a CGI script installed on the server.CGI script: [url removed, login to view]A friend set up the server so most of it is already done, such as httpd conf etc, i'm currently just g...Read Full Description

I need a CGI property developer

I would like a front, rear and and internal CGI picture of a new build house. Please would you quote, including timescales and examples of work done (including website) Thanks...Read Full Description

20 Memes for a Service Promotion

We want to create memes using Stock Pictures.We will provide 10 Statements. The Winner will have to source stock pictures of babies and create Memes for our next advertising campaign. The Winner will have to have legal right to the images using legal sources...Read Full Description

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